Sunday, July 4, 2010

EviLina's Gallery 09 (UPDATE)

My fourth signature tutorial and my ultimate technique. Because i didnt expect the final result would be like that Lol. It's totally an accident XD
Since we will using lot of C4Ds, I have put it into one with the psd file

Open a canvas, 400 x 140 px
Put the gradient into the canvas with Gradient Tool. I forget where did i get the gradient set, i'll upload it with the psd file
Put C4D 003 --> Blending: Linear Dodge 80%
Put C4D 004 --> Blending: Linear Dodge 60%
Put C4D 005 --> Blending: Linear Dodge 70%
Move around those 3 c4d's to get your preferable texture ^^
Put Gilles de Rais render (credit:
Put C4D 006 --> Blending: Linear Dodge 70% --> Erase the face part with soft round brush opacity 30%
New layer --> "Image" --> Apply Image --> "Filter" Distort --> Glass: 10-9-200% --> Blending: Lighten 100%
Put C4D 007 --> Blending: Soft Light 100% --> Erase the face part with soft round brush opacity 30%
Put C4D 008 --> Blending: Hard Light 30% --> Erase the render part with soft round brush opacity 30%
Looks colorfull eh? orange, blue, green, and violet. I never expected that it would looked like that XD
New layer --> "Image" --> Apply Image --> "Filter" Artistic --> Cutout default setting --> Blending: Lighten 40%
Put Texture 001 --> Blending: Hard Light 50% --> Erase the face part with soft round brush opacity 30%
It looks blurry, New layer --> "Image" --> Apply Image --> "Filter" Sharpen --> Sharpen
New layer --> "Image" --> Apply Image --> "Filter" Distort --> Displace default setting + use ur current psd file (yes yes, the one that u make now) --> Blending: Lighten 70%
Put C4D 009 --> Blending: Overlay 100% --> Erase the bad part, am using the swirly part only for the left and right part to add a little flow
Duplicate ur render --> smudge it --> Blending: Vivid Light 30%
Am doing it to make the render looks more dark. You can skip this step if you want
Put Texture 002 at the left and right part of your siggy, dont cover the render--> Blending: Soft Light 40%
Add some lighting with "Filter" Render --> Lighting Effects. Make the edges look darker
Add some text. Font: Decker
Add grunge white brush, i forgot what the brush name. It looks like this.....
Opacity: 50%. The result....
Add some text again for the empty left part. Font: Decker. Use the Rectangular Tool for text BG. Crop the face render --> "Image" Adjustment --> Desaturate. Add a layer style "Stroke" Opacity 50%
New layer --> "Image" Apply Image -->"Filter" Sharpen --> Sharpen --> Opacity 50%
Erase the BG part, leave the render area alone, because i want to add some depth
Time for coloring. It's very basic.....
Color 10%
Soft Light 20%
Soft Light 12%
This is the best part, playing around with Topaz Filter. And.....
Since at that time was the first time I used Topaz filter and making the siggy half-heartedly, i didnt make a note to keep the Topaz setting XD
Am very2 sorry......
I think am using Topaz Vivacity Clean (YCbCr), Sharpen, and Denoise
Add a border and the Final Result is....... ta ra!
Other result
I like the outcome but it's kinda hard to choose C4Ds combination to make a good result eh?
I have tried many times with different c4d's but only the green siggy is the best. I would be very happy to see other results from other GFX artists with this tut, just post your siggy link in the chat box , okay ^^

Bladestorm PSD (Including Textures and C4D's)
Download Link: Rapid Share
UPDATE Sorry for the broken link. Here's the new one. Media Fire
File Size: 17.3 MB

Credits to Planet Renders for the C4Ds
PS: Any questions can be posted in the chat box. Thanks for reading ^^
If there's any wrong or error links, please do tell me, okay. Thanks and enjoy!

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