Monday, October 5, 2009

EviLina's Gallery 05

Rather than wasting my time for SOTW, i want to share something in my blog ^^
A signature tutorial using Adobe Photoshop CS2

Open a canvas, 450 x 150 px --> Use black color as the BG
There are 3 parts in this sig, Let's make the Xing Cai part first

Step 1 Put Stock 001 for Xing Cai's BG and change the color as you like
How to change the color: "Image" Adjustment --> Hue/Saturation --> click the Colorize box --> Saturation 50 --> change the Hue box until you fet your prefered color
Step 2 Put the Xing Cai render and give glow effect
How to make glow effect: Duplicate the render --> Click the copy layer in the Layers panel --> "Image" --> Adjustment --> Brightness/Contrast --> Fill the box with 15-15 or 20-20 --> Blend: Soft Light (optional: you can reduce the opacity to your likeness)
Step 3 Add a C4D on top of your render --> Blend: Lighten. Ceh! I forgot which C4D that i used, sorry, cant uploaded it for you. Just use your favorite C4D, kay
Step 4 Here it's, the best part. Use Stock 002 --> Blend: Lighten, to make your siggy looked pretty. Just use part of the stock or resize it, or rotate it, put it on the front or back of the render, do as your creativity says. That stock, i got it from Evil Empire Board. Unfortunately, that theme has gone. The board looks standard now. How lucky i am XD
Step 5 Looked too bright? Use Soft Brush 60 px with blue color --> Blend: Soft Light --> Brush the bright part
Step 6 Text: Add black rectangular shape on top of all your layers --> Add a clipping mask in that rectangular with Stock 003  --> Add a clipping mask in Stock 003 with Stock 002. Wth is that? Check this pix (A double clipping mask)
How to do a clipping mask (am not good with this one): At this pix, move your cursor to your layer panel (between the shape and star layer) --> Press "Alt" until your pointer changed to a circle plus arrow --> Then click it. You are done ^^

Step 7 Add a blue text. Font: Xiphos Light or any fonts that you like
For Azai Nagamasa part, do it exactly the same like the Xing Cai part from Step 1 until Step 7, kay
Taigong Wang part, do Step 2, 4, and 6. Yup, we are using a plain black BG
It looks white for the Taigong Wang part, then let's give some color
How to do it: Use Soft Brush 100 px with dark yellow color --> Blend: Soft Light --> Brush around the flowers ^^
Final result!
Other result
PS: Any questions can be posted in the chat box. You can post your result too in the chat box. Thanks for reading ^^