Wednesday, December 9, 2009

EviLina's Gallery 07

Been awhile since am posting up my own signature tutorial ^^

Okay, open a canvas, 450 x 150 px --> Use black color as the BG
Put Lev Render --> smudge --> Opacity: 50%

Put Lev render again --> Duplicate 3 times --> Make the most upper layer unvisible --> Smudge the other 3 visible layers --> Blending (from the lowest layer): Lighten, Color Burn, then Color Dodge
I forgot the smudge setting, but you can learn it from Zangetsu tutorial in here
Make the unvisible layer become visible again --> Give blending effect to your render with feather
How to blend the render: pres ctrl+click on the layer box --> "Select" --> Feather --> 3px-5px
Then "Layer" --> Layer Mask --> Reveal Selection

New layer --> "Image" --> Apply image (for Clipping mask)
Give some Clippng Mask with Floral Brush around the render to give some blending

Put C4D1 then C4D2  at behind the render --> Both Blending: Lighten
I only need the line effect from C4D2, then smudged the unnecessary part

Here it's, time to play with C4D1
Rotate it, resize it, erase the bad part, Blending: Lighten. And i got this...

"Layer" --> New Adjustment Layer --> Photo Filter --> Filter: Orange//Density:25//Blending: Normal
Use 100px soft brush with orange color to give lighting in two spots --> Blending: Soft Light

Add a sparkling effect. This is bad, i forgot which C4D that i used Lol
Well, as i remembered .... use colorfull bubbles C4D, then resize it as small as the siggy size
Next, "Layer" --> New Adjustment Layer --> Curves (make it dark a litlle)

"Filter" --> Brush Strokes --> Accented Edges: 1-35-4 --> Blending: Vivid Light 20% --> Erase around the render
"Layer" --> New Adjustment Layer --> Gradient Map --> Black n White --> Blending: Multiply 10%
"Layer" --> New Adjustment Layer --> Gradient Map --> Violet Orange --> Blending: Soft Light 20%

"Filter" --> Artistic --> Cutout: 6-0-3 --> Blending: Lighten 50% --> Erase around the render
"Layer" --> New Adjustment Layer --> Gradient Map --> Black n White --> Blending: Luminousity 20%
Adjust the opacity of your floral clipping mask (render part) to your preferable setting, so that it didnt stand out much

New layer --> "Image" --> Apply image (for Clipping mask)

Add text (Font: Olivia01 and Borderheaven)
Add a light source at his left hair with 150 px Soft Round Brush (color: white)

New layer --> "Image" --> Apply image --> Topaz Clean
New layer --> "Image" --> Apply image --> Topaz Sharpen --> Erase the BG part

New layer --> "Image" --> Apply image --> "Filter" --> Blur --> Gaussian Blur 4.0 px --> Lighten 30% --> Erase the focal part (his face)

New layer --> "Image" --> Apply image --> "Filter" --> Render --> Lighting Effects
Add a border
Final Result

Other Results

Lev PSD Download Links: (7.35 MB)
Mirror - Mediafire

PS: Any questions can be posted in the chat box. You can post your result too in the chat box. Thanks for reading ^^
If there's any wrong or error links, please do tell me, okay. Thanks and enjoy! ^^