Sunday, December 26, 2010

The 3rd Birthday New Artworks and Official Wallpapers COMPLETE

The 3rd Birthday Artworks
Aya Brea
Dr. Blank
Eve Brea
Hyde Bohr
Karud "Boss" Owen
Thelonius Cray
Gabriel Monsigny
Kunihiko Maeda
Kyle Madigan

Extra 4 CG screenshots + 2 artworks + 4 artworks of Aya's alternate costumes from 4Gamer + 4 mp3 files  + Logo + 12 Twitter Icons + 2 Twitter wallpapers

Download Link Media Fire
File Size 18.55 MB

Yup2, there are 3 new musics from the official site and there are new costumes, the blue cheong-sam and red santa, but i couldn find the artowrks from the official site. I got it from 4Gamer
There are no more new characters, so i guess this is the final update for my 3rd b'day link

The 3rd Birthday New Official Wallpapers
Source The 3rd Birthday Official Website
More official wallpapers in Link1, Link2, and Link3 plus Aya Brea render in here