Sunday, October 24, 2010

The 3rd Birthday Artworks, Screenshots, and New Official Wallpapers -UPDATE 2-

The 3rd Birthday Artworks
Aya Brea
Dr. Blank
Eve Brea
Hyde Bohr
Karud "Boss" Owen
Thelonius Cray
Yeah, Aya Brea is using FF XIII Lightning's outfit and Lightning is using Aya's outfit in Dissidia 2 eh?

Extra 4 CG screenshots from 4Gamer + 1 mp3 file of official site's BGM + Logo

Download Link Media Fire
File Size 7.97 MB

The 3rd Birthday Twitter Features
6 twitter avatar icons in here
2 twitter background images in here and here

The 3rd Birthday Trailer Links
The 3rd Birthday Trailer (480p)
The 3rd Birthday Trailer (720p)
The 3rd Birthday Trailer (1280p)
Here are some screenshots from the trailer (caption it manually from the 1280p trailer). Click the images to enlarge it

The 3rd Birthday Official Wallpapers
Source The 3rd Birthday Official Website
More official wallpapers in here and Aya Brea render in here

UPDATE: I have added 3 new characters in my 3rd Birthday zip file in here

UPDATE 2 Complete download files for The 3rd B'day in here