Friday, November 6, 2009

Valkyria Chronicles 2 New Art, Characters, and Boxart

I have bunch of Valkyria Chronicles 2 art pictures for you. First is the boxart

Your Teachers
 Lawrence Kleifheart
"The headmaster of the Lanseal academy, third son of a distinguished family of military tradition, he's known for his years of impeccable service in the army. After a serious wound to his arm he began a new career as the director of the academy."

 Kober Briksam
"The stern homeroom teacher of Class G. He used to be a soldier during the war against the empire, but his eyes have been severely wounded, forcing him to retire from the army and join the Lanseal academy as a teacher. His apparent cold-hearted attitude has the purpose of teaching his pupils the severity of war"
New classmates
Frank Martin
"A stern and strong older sister of Nicol Martin (that has been introduced a few weeks ago). She despises her brother's weak attitude"
Liner Tristram
"An idealistic and strong headed, he joined the academy to protect his friends and his hometown. His hobbies are body building and mountaineering"
Sophia Collins
"The stereotypical mature "older sister" anime type. Refined and flirty."
Helmut Bode
"A cold and calm ex-imperial soldier distinguished during the war against Gallia, he was sent to Lanseal military academy by imperial order, as a "sign of peace" after the armistice."
"A Darksen, she's the top ranked student of G class, calm and confident in her learning abilities"

Information for these characters can be found in here

A tomboy girl and she will maintain your tank

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Oh yeah, all of those new classmates are from G Class, except Yuliana who is in the A Class. I think she is the only revealed A Class student so far Lol
Pictures Source: Valkyria Chronicles 2 Official Blog