Friday, October 16, 2009

Valkyria Chronicles 2 New Characters Revelaed

Yup, i think it's been a long time since the 3 characters (Avan, Jerry, Cosette) have been revealed. We need more new academic students, dont we? Here it's!

Yuliana Evelhart
"She’s the top of the top in the school, in the A class. Avan and company are in the G class, so she looks down on them. She’s every highschool snob ever, but luckily it looks like the player can smack her around a bit in a boss battle. She’s a Shield-type soldier."
Well, i can from the design that she is a haughty person. I think her family name should be "Evilheart" XD

Colleen Celcius (18)
Anti-Tank soldier - Liked by everyone. A sister for everyone if you need some advice

Nicole Martin (16)
Scout - Speak politely and has a twin sister

Raymond Moen (20)
Support Troops

Magali (16)
Support Troops - A shy girl and popular among boys

Eric Kampman (18)
Soldier - A short-tempered person

Joachim Osen (17)
Technology Member - Has lovable personality
His outlook doesnt look like a smart student XD