Sunday, November 22, 2009

Suikoden Tierkreis Synopsis #2

Okay, my last save was..... Am going to attack the Fort Arc, yeah
My team divided into 3 teams
Leaders: Hero, Neira, and Vaslof. Here's my teams list and their levels

Hero 47
Hero's equipment: 2 Giant God Fist
Bishamon Armor
Godspeed Talisman
Nova 42 (cant remove)
Indrik 42
Asad 42
Support: Gorno

Neira 40
Nimni 41 (cant remove)
Sphiel 40
Ordovic 42
Support: Nuzhat

Vaslof 45
Resno 41 (cant remove)
Diiwica 42
Hina 41
Support: Ramin

PS: I suggest you not to remove Indrik and Diiwica from Hero's team because Hero's and Nova's damage sucks me to death -_-

Just use Strenth Sash (STR +30 DEF +10) to your fighters and Moon Necklace (MGC +30 MDF+30) to your mages
The characters that i chose, they have either Sand Crumbler or Spear Torrent/Downpour, except Diiwica though. But, she is strong enough to deal 1500+ damage with Ire and 250% damage attack ^^

*scene changes to Fort Arc Gate*
First, Diadora sends the sand monsters (in the front gate) away with her Gateway ability
Second, Neira's team to deal with  2 sand monsters. Sand Crumbler can deal 1000+ damage Lol
Third, Vaslof's team to deal with 3 sand monsters
The last one of course the Hero's team
Nova was calling out for Sophia, but she ignored him. She released 2 sand monsters but Liu came to neutralize the Chronicle's power within Sophia's body. Flop! So, the monsters gone!
Okay, time for boss batlle!

And WTH! Hero and Nova's attack is like a  S*** It deals less than 100! keh!

Anime movie! Sophia has returned to her human form but still the Chronicle's power is too strong. Sophia is in her berserk mode, releasing the chronicle's power. Nova tried to reach her, saying he was sorry and embrace her. Then, The chronicle has calmed down. Sophia called Nova "Daddy" with happy face while in his father's embrace.

That's all for yesterday because the next one is recuiting SOD Lol
Was too lazy for that one XD