Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Suikoden Tierkreis Synopsis #1

Okay, i'm done with my final thesis, so i can continue my Tierkreis game. But, since it's almost 2 or 3 months, am forgetting some of the story ha3. Wondering what was my last story *thinks3*
Oh yeah, i want to go to Fort Arc but, there are these sand creatures + Sophia which vulnerable to magic and sword but can defeated by Auster Folk brute strength. So, am heading to Mt.Svagol to ask Auster Folk clan a favor

Zenoa called me before am leaving, she says that i must bring something to give to the Auster Clan. And what did she give me for the gift? One of my chronicle, the Noble Steel Lol. Crazy!
I must give it to the right person, that's her advice

Mt. Svagol dungeon
Party: Hero, Vaslof (cant remove), Jale, and Diadora

Okay, i have arrived in the Auster village
Chief Kashgar didnt believe my story about Order's bad actions. I gave the chronicle book but he wasnt one of the SOD

So, we went to Altar to Ordovic, Auster Folk 's very first ancestor, the place for Ancestor's Judgement. 2 Oracle soldiers blocked my path. We were forbidden to enter without Chief's permission. I havent got the permission but still want to break through the Oracle Soldiers

Boss fight
Party: Hero, Vaslof, Tsaubern, Selen

Vaslof says that Auster clan often hear voice in the altar and believing it's Ordovic's voice. If what auster did in the right track there would be no voice whispering. And no prophecies in the past years. Suddenly the Chronicle of Noble Steel glows, then am hearing this Ohhhhhhhh voice. He told me to put the book in the altar. Suddenly appearead someone, it's Ordovic.

He fought alongside with Auster against the One King in another world. Which means Auster is from another world and Noble Steel is that other world's book. Ordovic is mad because Kashgar told Auster to team up with Order and wanna talk to him
This time the book glows when Kashgar touch the book. Wierd huh?
Okay, am leaving the village but the previous 3 oracle soldiers, Indrik and Diiwica who attacked me join as my SOD.

Arrived at my castle, then Moana says that Hotupa has returned from his allies searching
Hotupa says that he found one world ......
  • Which possesses highly developed magic - much more advance than Magedom of Janam -
  • The city was many times larger than Cynas
  • Ppl living in huge castle-like houses
  • Carriages running without horses
  • Never dark, even at night
  • All powered by magic
  • Have a perfect plan to deal with One King and want to crush him
Ummm... could it be The Holy Kingdom Harmonia? Harmonia is never dark, even at night? Am very curious with this one. Anyone can give me an answer?

Well, am going to Grand Hall. Planning the attack on Fort Arc then Nimni says that porpos-kin has water ability from the cronicle to deal with the sand creature. And it seems that Nova want to help his daughter, Sophia
So, bring any Auster Folk with "Sand Crumble" skill and any SOD with "Spear Torrent" or "Spear Downpour" magic for the next "map battle"
Okay, that's it for yesterday then i went sleep XD