Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dynasty Warriors 8 Announced

With the success of Dynasty Warriors 7 Series, TK announced the new series of Dynasty Warriors for Playstation 3. I was hoping new Samurai Warriors 4 info, not this one huhuhu.... u_u
Dynasty Warriors 8 has 70+ playable characters and the story will have some "what if" scenarios

Yue Jin is one of the new characters from the Wei clan and fights with twin hookswords.

Li Dian is another new Wei character armed with a wheel halberd. He has a knack for spotting enemy traps.

Xiahou Dun slashes through armies with a scimitar.

Zhao Yun from the Shu side rushes into battle with a Dragon Spear in hand.
Source: 4Gamer (Pics) and Siliconera (Info's)
Usually 4Gamer has 1000x1000 px pictures with white BG, but not with this one. But I've got other character artworks from Famitsu 
Cao Cao, Dian Wei, Li Dian, Sun Shang Xiang, Xiahou Dun, Yue Jin, Zhang Liao, Zhao Yun, Zhou Yu, Zhuge Liang. If I have time, maybe I'll do some rendering with these artworks =p

PS: Click the images for larger view