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Resident Evil 6 (Bio Hazard 6)

Resident Evil 6 Character Images
Ada Wong (Render in here), Chris Redfield, Derek C. Simmons, Jake Muller, Helena Harper, Leon S. Kennedy, Piers Nivans, Sherry Birkin,

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Resident Evil 6 story begins in 2013, ten years after the Raccoon City incident. Resident Evil 6 has three protagonist and their stories sometimes crossover into each others.

PLAYER:Leon S. Kennedy
PARTNER:Helena Harper
After the Racoon City incident, Leon S. Kennedy was recruited as an agent for the US government by Adam Benford, the President of the United States, when he suddenly transforms.
Leon’s partner in the game is Helena Harper, is one of the President’s personal bodyguards when he’s attacked. Following the attack and the president’s tranformation, the two end up working together.
Tall Oaks is the site of a new outbreak in Resident Evil 6, and is populated with 70,000 zombies.

PLAYER:Chris Redfield
PARTNER:Piers Nivans
LOCATION:Lan Shiang (China)
Chris Redfield, leader of the BSAA, faced personal trauma six months before the events in Resident Evil 6. He meets his team in China to investigate a bioterrorist attack
Piers Nivans is a BSAA member . While this is the first time Piers has appeared in a Resident Evil game, he was introduced in a Resident Evil manga in Japan a while ago.
Lanshiang, which is a fictitious costal town, is the game’s primary location.

PLAYER:Jake Muller
PARTNER:Sherry Birkin
LOCATION:Edonia (Edonia)
Jake Muller is Alber Wesker's son. He is engaged in a conflict in Eastern Europe where B.O.W.s are being used. He is described as a mercenary who cares more about his salary than saving the world.
Sherry Birkin, who you might remember from Resident Evil 2, was affected by the G-Virus and lost both her parents at a young age.

The other playable characters is ADA WONG. She has her own storyline in Resident Evil 6, but you won’t get to play it until you beat Chris, Leon, and Jake’s scenarios.
Ada is armed with a crossbow and has time bombs. Unlike the other Resident Evil 6 scenarios, she is solo so her mode is single player only.
Wesker may be dead and gone, but Umbrella apparently aren’t. Ada hass seen speaking to someone who seems to be affiliated with an organization calling itself “Neo-Umbrella”

The BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) is the organization Chris Redfield works for. They were in both Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil 5. While the BSAA started as a non-governmental organization, the Queen Zenobia incident in Resident Evil: Revelations led to them being restructured as a special task force under the control of the United Nations. There exist eight branches of the BSAA around the world.
Leon now works for an organization called the DSO (Division of Security Operations). The DSO was formed in 2011 by U.S. president, Adam Benford, to protect the country from bio-terrorism. Leon was one of the founding members of the organization, and the DSO comprises mostly of flexible government operatives who report directly to the president.
Sherry Birkin, who’s back in Resident Evil 6, works for the DSO as well. When she joined the organization, Sherry was tasked with the protective detail of new character Jake Muller.
In addition to the DSO, the president also formed a second organization in 2011—the FOS (Field Operation Support). The job of the FOS is to provide support to government agents, not just from the DSO, but across the U.S. The FOS gives these agents their instructions. (Is this who Hunnigan works for now?)
Edonian anti-government mercenaries:
Finally, there’s the Edonian anti‐government mercenaries. Edonia, a European state, underwent a change in government when a group of officers staged a coup d’etat. The rebels didn’t manage to overthrow the government—instead, the rebellion caused the government to strengthen its resolve and the current ruling party was replaced by a new one that focused on strengthening ties with European countries.
In the years that followed, while most anti-government rebels went into hiding, other extremist rebels continue to protest, and have managed to get their hands on the C-virus, which creates the J’avo. This causes the BSAA to intervene.

The zombies in Resident Evil 6 are a result of the C-Virus. They are “a bit different to what you may be used to”and are unlike any in past Resident Evil games.
There are creatures called J’avo too. They are a new B.O.W. found in Eastern Europe six months before the events in Resident Evil 6. These creatures still understand human speech and will work together with other J’avos as a group. J’avo creatures will have the ability to regenerate when injured, and will also be able to mutate damaged body parts into various different forms, which the player will have to adapt to.

During a hands-off demo, Capcom showed what happens when Leon Kennedy meets Jake Muller, the son of Resident Evil villain Albert Wesker. Jake started off hostile towards Leon, but his tone changed when Sherry Birkin said Leon once saved her.
The cutscene was cutoff when Ustanak, a zombie with an interchangeable cybernetic arm, showed up to the party.
Midway through the battle, Leon and his partner Helena Harper were separated when they fall and end up on different sides of a fence. Leon temporarily pairs up with Sherry who was controlled by a stranger while Jake and Helena have to team up. Capcom showed this scene to demonstrate how players might have to work with different partners during crossover scenes too

Capcom set the game’s release date on October 2 in the West and October 4 in Japan for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360. A PC version will be released after the console versions
Source: Siliconera