Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photoshop Tutorial for Beginner

After I posted up my Render Tutorial, this time I want to share another tips to make signature, wallpaper, or other graphic works in adobe photoshop. It's just some basic tuts, but very important. I learned it from other tutorials

Maybe in a certain condition, you have one only render which has bad rendering result (I mean the white dotties) or you render an image but the result isnt that great, like this one...
I rendered it by myself and the hair part is really difficult to handle he3. So, I add a feather effect to cover it =p
1. press CTRL + Click your Render thumbnail until stripped lines surround your render
2. Then "Select" --> Modify --> Feather --> Set the feather radius to 5-10 px.
I used 8 for my Lydia Render
3. "Layer" --> Layer Mask --> Reveal Selection. Result....
That's what I did to my Render of the Week to cover my bad rendering =p
It gave a nice blending effect too

Next step
1. Duplicate your render
2. "Filter --> Blur --> Gaussian Blur --> Set the radius to 4 pixel
3. Change the Blending option to Soft Light 100%. Result ...
Other option, you can change the Blending to Overlay. It's just between Soft Light or Overlay. If it's too bright, you can lower the opacity a little to 80-95%.

1. Add some splatter brushes in your works
2. Then duplicate your background or bring some nice textures
3. Put your cursor between your splat brush layer and BG/texture layer
4. Press ALT+Click (Your cursor will change to 2 circles overlapping)
5. It counts as success if your layer changed like this
Well,  those are some basic steps that I used almost in all of my graphic works. My signature tutorials can be found in here