Saturday, August 11, 2012

Atelier Ayesha

Atelier Ayesha Renders
Ayesha Altugle, Ernie Lyttelton, Fred Redfork, Harry Olson, Juris Grunden, Keithgrif Hazeldine, Kyle Tarenbert, Linca, Marion Quin, Merietta Muir, Nanaca Grunden, Nio Altugle, Odileia, Ranun Ets, Regina Curtis, Tanya Volta, Willbell Vol=Erslied

Extra Logo + 9 artworks + 72 3D character images from 4Gamer +  7 twitter icons + 4 world artworks +

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Seperate file, 98 screenshots
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Source: Atelier Ayesha Official Site

Atelier Ayesha Story
The main character, Ayesha Altuge,  is searching her younger sister Nio who went missing while gathering herbs. Atelier Ayesha takes place in a new world separate from the Arland saga where the art of alchemy is out of style. Most people forgot about it and Ayesha lives in an ever changing world.
Source: Siliconera