Thursday, July 5, 2012

Poll for Graphic of the Month #4

I have ended the Poll for Graphic of the Month #3. And it was another tie among 3 characters like the previous poll Lolz
It was a tie among Aigis, Mitsuru, and Yuu from Persona 4 Series. I havent voted and so i decided to make a wally for... NARUKAMI YUU!
Oh dear, I havent made a wally ever since Dec'11. Hope I still can make a good one =p

And for the next poll, it's a little bit tad dull. A FF Type-0 theme. Kinda confused because I havent checked games news recently =p
I choose it, because my FF type-0 renders pack file suddenly has 600+ downloads Lol. So, I think it's rather popular than FF XIII-2 which has only 100+ downloads he3. And i dont add Ace and Rem because I have made their wallies.
So, next Graphic of the Month would be a wallpaper of FF Type-0 n_n