Monday, June 11, 2012

Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden Renders
Chie, Hero, Kanji, Naoto, Rise, Teddie/Kuma, Yousuke, Yukiko

Extra 12 artworks + (6 new persona + 5 character artworks, including Marie) from 4Gamer + 8 Twitter Icons

Download Link Media Fire
File Size 6.81 MB

Source: Persona 4 Golden Official Site
Not many renders in the offifcial site and only getting new persona artworks from 4Gamer, in small size =p
Unfortunately, there is no artwork for Kanji's new persona

Persona 4 Golden Info
Inaba, the town where Persona 4 takes place, will have ...
  • New events (ie, Winter ski event)
  • New bug catching mini-game
  • New opening movie
  • New personas for the main character
  • New costumes
  • 1.5x the voice acting of the PS2 original
  • Players will be able to procure a bike and ride it the Okina market, which is by the sea
  • Mari, a mysterious new character
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Team Attacks
  • Rise new abilities (automatically heal characters in battle, scan enemies before a fight begins, pick up the protagonist if he gets knocked down, join in for an all out attack)
  • Rotating TV shows (including a quiz with Teddie)
  • A home garden feature where you can plant seedlings with Nanako. When plants grown they sprout items, which you can bring to dungeons. Makaracone (Makarakarn + cone) creates a barrier that reflects magic spells. A screenshot also shows Tetracone (probably a physical reflecting barrier item) and Red Paprika.
    Source: Siliconera