Saturday, June 30, 2012

Render of the Week 19

Altina Render from Shining Blade
Render ver.2
Size: 720x640 px (327 kB)

UPDATE  Change the title from Graphic of the Month #2 to Render of the Week 19

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Tower of Aion Official Wallpapers

There are 37 official wallpapers in the site, so I zipped it for each sizes. I'm not that crazy enough uploading 37x6 wallies Lol
I only upload 1 wallpaper with all sizes for example. It's the latest one...

These are my favorites in 1920 x 1200 px...

Wallpapers 1920 x 1200
Link Media Fire
File Size 45.3 MB

Wallpapers 1680 x 1050
File Size 36.61 MB

Wallpapers 1600 x 1200
Link Media Fire
File Size 40.92 MB

Wallpapers 1440 x 900
Link Media Fire
File Size 28.25 MB

Wallpapers 1280 x 1024
Link Media Fire
File Size 31.39 MB

Wallpapers 1024 x768
Link Media Fire
File Size 20.64 MB

Source: The Tower of Aion Official Site

Monday, June 11, 2012

Poll for Graphic of the Month #3

I have prolonged the poll, hoping someone will put an end to the tie votes among Altina, Roselinde, and Yukihime. But, it didnt work *sighs*
So, I choose Altina for the next Graphic of the Month. A render theme..
She and Yukihime have most votes in the previous poll. And Altina has better quality artwork than Yuki. So, I choose her.
For Graphic of the Month #3, i have made one with Persona 4 Series. The one with most votes, will be the main theme of a Wallpaper! ^^

Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden Renders
Chie, Hero, Kanji, Naoto, Rise, Teddie/Kuma, Yousuke, Yukiko

Extra 12 artworks + (6 new persona + 5 character artworks, including Marie) from 4Gamer + 8 Twitter Icons

Download Link Media Fire
File Size 6.81 MB

Source: Persona 4 Golden Official Site
Not many renders in the offifcial site and only getting new persona artworks from 4Gamer, in small size =p
Unfortunately, there is no artwork for Kanji's new persona

Persona 4 Golden Info
Inaba, the town where Persona 4 takes place, will have ...
  • New events (ie, Winter ski event)
  • New bug catching mini-game
  • New opening movie
  • New personas for the main character
  • New costumes
  • 1.5x the voice acting of the PS2 original
  • Players will be able to procure a bike and ride it the Okina market, which is by the sea
  • Mari, a mysterious new character
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Team Attacks
  • Rise new abilities (automatically heal characters in battle, scan enemies before a fight begins, pick up the protagonist if he gets knocked down, join in for an all out attack)
  • Rotating TV shows (including a quiz with Teddie)
  • A home garden feature where you can plant seedlings with Nanako. When plants grown they sprout items, which you can bring to dungeons. Makaracone (Makarakarn + cone) creates a barrier that reflects magic spells. A screenshot also shows Tetracone (probably a physical reflecting barrier item) and Red Paprika.
    Source: Siliconera

    Thursday, June 7, 2012

    White Knight Chronicles Series Renders (UPDATE)

    My Media Fire link for Nier Renders has been downloaded for 78 times Lol. Is Nier that popular? XD. Anyway, this time is White Knight Chronicles turn. I have ripped the renders from the 2 series. Am very sorry if the file name is kinda chaotic and maybe i put the wrong name for the renders XD

    This is an update version of my old post 2 years ago =pI have ripped....
    White Knight Chronicles Renders
    White Knight Chronicles 2: Awakening of Light and Darkness Renders
    White Knight Chronicle: Origins (Dogma Wars) Renders

    Phantom/Wisel the White Knight
    Ebonwings/Divinas the Black Knight
    Larvayne the Dragon Knight
    Adolmaea the Sun King
    The Moon Princess
    etc..... (I dont know the characters' name for Origins Series Lolz)

    Download Link: Media Fire -Broken Link-
    UPDATE!!! New Link Mediafire
    File Size 30.56 MB

    Source: White Knight Chronicles Official Website

    Friday, June 1, 2012

    Render of the Week 18

    Finally, I can make this thread ^^
    It's not Render of the Month, because it's too narrow. If I used Grpahic, i can make a wallpaper version, signature version, etc
    So, our first Graphic of the Month in this blog is.... Sakuya Render!!! :D
    I took the source from the official site Lolz

    Render ver.2
    Size: 497x720 px (268 kB)

    UPDATE  Change the title from Graphic of the Month #1 to Render of the Week 18