Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Special A and Kaichou wa Maid-sama (Contain Spoilers!!!)

I really want to watch these 2 anime's years ago. Back then, i was following anime news. And i thought these anime's are pretty interesting. So, i have done watching it already ^^
What should i say? Emmmm... Drama n romance is really not my thing, but i prefer maid sama than SA.
Well, their main focuses are the school life and the male protagonists effort to show his love to the female protagonists. I dont know why but i found some similarities between these 2 anime's ....
  • Both male and female protagonists are popular in their schools and good at anything (lessons, sports, martial arts, etc)
  • The female protagonists are very insensitive with the male protagonists' feelings. The females begin realizing it at the ending episodes.
  • The females are masculine and not good at cooking (They made a "cannon ball" onigiri)
  • There's this nursing the sick males, where the females must change the males' clothes

I feel wierd with these similarities, wondering wheter the maker are the same person, no?

I prefer Maid sama than SA because it has more funny designs and has more interesting story. SA is only focusing in SA characters, too few characters I think. So, the story is only around2 those characters which looks boring to me. Even though there's new character, he/she will never appeared again for another story, only appear for a brief moment, ie Yahiro's brother and Takishima's brother.
Maid sama has more funny stories and scenes.. The special event in Maid Latte is very unique. The maids wear costume and act for the special event. Intersting. So, the maids not only wearing that black-white maid dress
Trio Moron from Maid-sama are very funny Lolz...
But, in Maid sama i dont see an episode which showing Takumi's family background. Maid-sama climax is different from what i thought -Misaki friends would knew that she works as a maid in a cafe-
Takumi has various hair styles which looks better than his usual style neee...

For songs, opening or ending, neither from these anime's get my attention =p. But, I like Megumi's song, the one she sings for Yahiro. But, I never thought that the would be a couple Lol

Maid-sama score: 3.5/5
Special A score: 2.5/5 (Not recommended)