Friday, February 24, 2012

Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century

Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century takes place in a world where a monster rises every one hundred years and destroys the world. A young lad, sent 100 years from the future by the mysterious Zephon, is given the task to defeat him.
Both of the hero’s parents are deceased and he is a swordsman from the village of Terube. Jino, his hotheaded childhood friend made the journey through time too. When Myra, Jino’s older sister, isn’t scolding him, she’s the group’s magician. Dukas is a loyal soldier and another one of the game’s main characters.

Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century begins with the heroes time-traveling to the past so they can learn how to fight from their ancestors. It’s a plot device and also a gameplay mechanic. Konami created a teacher-student relationship system where abilities are actually passed down to characters.
The young heroes from the future have learn battle commands when veteran heroes from the past use them in battle. Each time an an ability is used it raises a skill’s training rate and when it reaches 100% you can use the move in battle.

You can further customize characters using the game’s sub job system. At a dinner event in your game’s base you can pick up sub jobs these let you change equipment profiles like giving a mage a bow, for example.
Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century has a number of classes like swordsman, magician, lancer, archer, martial artist, ninja, bard, and chemist. The game also has a crafting system where you can create weapons, healing items, and magic stones.

Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century has six person battles with three characters in the front row and three in back. Konami’s next Suikoden game goes on sale on February 9 for PSP in Japan and has multiple endings for fans to find.

Source: Siliconera

Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century Image Characters
A lon
Asutoriddo (I bet her english ver would be Astrid)
Bi a ga, Borudon, Damudhin, Dhiromu, Dhucas, Efiru, Folune, Hadamu, Hagaru, Heidoreku, Iria_barukai, Jyaguwan, Kuineria, Makia, Makushimos, Mazarica, Meamei, Muii, Myura, Nido, Noderi, Porokku, Radonien, Regius, Reneferiasu, Rete, rhisuthiru, Roruhu, Rosheru, Rpdoriku, Rugato, Rurusa, Ryuseri, Shujinnkou, Suniru, Toruwado, Yohuru, Zabido, Zefon, Zino, Zoshiomu

Well, am only saving the images in the official site. No renders =p
Others: Logo + 1 artwork + 24 screenshots + 26 promotion video snapshots

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Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century Promotion Video Snapshots 


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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Grand Knights History

Been awhile eh.. Because i wont have my notebook for 1 month. Currently am using my brother's computer which is very not private. Becuase there are no programs to rip renders from swf files and to convert videoes u_u

Grand Knights History Images -No Renders-
Fausel Wald Logres
Leon Fried
Liscia Stalake
Masked Knight
Muse Cromwell
Sophia Chiollet Logres

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Source: Grand Knights History Official Site and 4Gamer

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Special A and Kaichou wa Maid-sama (Contain Spoilers!!!)

I really want to watch these 2 anime's years ago. Back then, i was following anime news. And i thought these anime's are pretty interesting. So, i have done watching it already ^^
What should i say? Emmmm... Drama n romance is really not my thing, but i prefer maid sama than SA.
Well, their main focuses are the school life and the male protagonists effort to show his love to the female protagonists. I dont know why but i found some similarities between these 2 anime's ....
  • Both male and female protagonists are popular in their schools and good at anything (lessons, sports, martial arts, etc)
  • The female protagonists are very insensitive with the male protagonists' feelings. The females begin realizing it at the ending episodes.
  • The females are masculine and not good at cooking (They made a "cannon ball" onigiri)
  • There's this nursing the sick males, where the females must change the males' clothes

I feel wierd with these similarities, wondering wheter the maker are the same person, no?

I prefer Maid sama than SA because it has more funny designs and has more interesting story. SA is only focusing in SA characters, too few characters I think. So, the story is only around2 those characters which looks boring to me. Even though there's new character, he/she will never appeared again for another story, only appear for a brief moment, ie Yahiro's brother and Takishima's brother.
Maid sama has more funny stories and scenes.. The special event in Maid Latte is very unique. The maids wear costume and act for the special event. Intersting. So, the maids not only wearing that black-white maid dress
Trio Moron from Maid-sama are very funny Lolz...
But, in Maid sama i dont see an episode which showing Takumi's family background. Maid-sama climax is different from what i thought -Misaki friends would knew that she works as a maid in a cafe-
Takumi has various hair styles which looks better than his usual style neee...

For songs, opening or ending, neither from these anime's get my attention =p. But, I like Megumi's song, the one she sings for Yahiro. But, I never thought that the would be a couple Lol

Maid-sama score: 3.5/5
Special A score: 2.5/5 (Not recommended)