Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valkyria Chronicles (Contain Spoilers!!!)

Watching another game adapted anime. Valkyria Chronicles game for PS3 was very popular back then. So, am curious with the story line ^^
I was watching Special A, but since the story was very boring, I watched valkyria early episodes and this one is more worth to watch than special A. Realizing that drama is really not my type =p

The first eps isnt that interesting. It begins when Welkin who doesnt have military exp becomes a squad leader in Galia Military, The squad 7. His impressive strategy in winning battles gain his comrades trust.
The climax is well done made, among Alicia, Welkin, and Faldio. It begins when Isara, Welkin's adopted sister, died. He looks depressed but can not express it. He's totally changed in there.
Faldio lost his Squad 1. All of his comrades died because of Selvaria's valkyria power. Ramal died protecting him u_u

Finally, Alicia gain her valkyria power but her surroundings think of her as a monster and a mere weapon. Owww... I like her first battle with Selvaria, a pretty cool battle. Alicia overpowered Selvaria, but because she's still can not control her valkyria power. Well, I prefer Alicia's sword than Selvaria's because its slimmer, but I prefer Selvaria's shield beause there're 3 small knives around it
Their triangle love is pretty complex, ne...

Well, I know since the beginning that Isara and Faldio will become the ones who died. Wondering how could it be. And just as i thought, Isara will die when she finally befriend with Rosie...
Am not sure with Faldio, is he really death? It's very unclear. With a condition like that, it's a certain death. But, they didnt show his death body @_@
Ramal died protecting Faldio from Selvaria's valkyria attack. Very sad u_u
And poor Selvaria ne... An unrequited love and she's only being used by Maximilian because of her valkyria power

I thought Maximillian a valkyrian, because her mother has grey hair so i thought her mother is a valkyria descendants. And since i saw Valkyria Chronicles 2 characters design, i already knew that Cordelia's hair is actually black. So, i was surprised that in the first series she has grey hair. She was thought a Valkyrian but actually a Darcsen

My favorite character is... Faldio, of course. Because he is handsy. I like Selvaria too because she is cool, but i think her boobs are too much Lolz =p. Hanssss!!!! He is very cute, just like Saizo from Peace Maker Kurogane hehehe....
I like most of the characters, except the Regular dudes, especially General Damon -_-
For opening and ending song, i like the first ending song, Ano Kaze ni Notte

Score: 4/5 Hey! It has a good ending ^^ But it's kinda boring in some episodes =p