Friday, January 13, 2012

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni (Contain Spoilers!!!)

I knew this anime from pixiv. There are bunch of Umineko's fanart back then. The design looks pretty cool, so i decide to watch this one hehehe...

Quite interesting story -magic vs logic- how to solve murder cases which caused by magic with logic, must be a realistic one. Not much liking the "aura" though. Horror, lots of blood, the killing method is kinda crazy and how does Rosa treats Maria too, i think it isnt an educational anime at all. Kids shouldnt watch it =p

It's kinda boring at the early of episodes, but turned quite entertaining when Virgilia appears. Actually i was hoping for the witches battle. But, there's only one in the whole series and it's too short T_T
Still, Beatrice x Virgilia battle looks great
After that, the story is getting bored again when Ange appears, duh! The timeline story is jumping2 like a rabbit between year 1986 and 1998, then back to 1986, back again to 1998. Owww man, it's kinda confusing

Another bad ending anime, what is that all about!!! Well, yeah Beartice is died... Errr... died, isnt she? But, Battler hasnt come back to his real world. And "Who am I?"  ?????
It must be continued to the manga version

For OP and ED song, I prefer the opening song "Katayoku no Tori". The ending song is very bad Lol, rock metal, not fond of it

Score: 2.5/5 (Bad anime, not recommended =p)