Friday, January 27, 2012

Le Ciel Bleu Images -Part 2-

Woah, long time not posting anything, ne... Because i've been busy collecting Le Ciel Bleu images in the official site and 4Gamer hohohoho... 
I changed my blog layout for the new year!!! And so that you guys didnt get bored with it =p

In this new year, le ciel bleu official site has a new outlook. And there are bunch of cool images Lol.
There are 23 classes and 37 NPC's images, it has cool layout now, larger plus some text ^^
Exa looks uber cool!!!

36 screenshots and 22 world images, plus some renders and chibi images. I'm itchy to make a signature from it hehehehe...

Download Link Media Fire
File Size 48.95 MB

Source: Le Ciel Bleu Official Site and 4Gamer
Le Ciel Bleu Images Part 1 in here