Monday, January 9, 2012

Code Geass (Contain Spoilers!!!)

After watching Tales of the Abyss, I watched Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion both first and second session. I choose to watch it, because this anime was very popular in any forums that i joined Lol =p
Not a bad anime. Very worth it...
I've been searching for anime or game which the main protagonist has evil deeds. Tales of Abyss has Luke, D.Gray-Man has Allen, Saint Seiya has Seiya as the main hero. But all of them have good deeds and kind personality who want to save the world. Kinda boring with it... Then, I watched Code Geass (CG). Woah! Two thumbs up for Lelouch. Lies and destructions, does anything for his main goals.. Nice ^^

The story is pretty twisted for Lelouch. From a high schoolers, having a happy day with his friends and his sister, becoming an organization leader, an emperor, then DIED!!! What a tragic life T_T
He must fight with his childhood friend, Suzaku, and his parents too. The organization that he created, turned back on him. His sister who was once thought death,actually is still alive and fight him. Oh my, unexpected story lines in each episodes. Rox!!

But, I dont like the love story. Because Lelouch doesnt love any of these girls, Sherly, Karen, or C.C. I dont know which girl he truly loves, because he is kind to all of them and I think the girls are the ones who made the first move. Well, among those 3 girls, I like Lelouch x C.C. pair. I dont like girly-annoying type and tomboy'ish girl. When Sherly is dead, I'm very happy. And i think Karen is the object for the fanservice =p

I like the 2nd ending song of the first session, Mosaic Kakera and 3rd ending of the second session, Continued Story. The last one is the song which plaed at the ending scenes. I almost want to cry, watching the sad ending with sad song T_T

Since I'm a fan of Clamp, I think Suzaku design is similar with Li Syaoran from Tsubasa and Card Captor. Lelouch design is similar with Kamui from X-1999, isnt it? hehehe...

Score: 4.8/5
Actually i want to give 5, but because Lelouch is died, so minus for that part hehehehe...