Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hello hello, EviLina is back!

Hi hi
I'm back. Missed me a lot? :D
I have a new notebook and a new modem. So, time for blogging. Wondering what did i do in these past 2 months?

1. Playing Samurai Warriors 3
There are 6 characters whom i played the story mode, Oichi, Motonari, Hanbei, Mitsunari, Kanetsugu, and Masamune
Oichi's new weapon isnt that great, i suppose. Her musou is as sucks as Okuni's. Phew!
Motonari's C4 is good
Hanbei's moveset is decent. His flying speciall skill is funny though =p
Mitsunari's new special skill -the wind barrier- is good to unlock guard, but sometimes pretty annoying too because the enemies are jumping2
Kanetsugu's beam is more rox in SW2
Masamune? Still the same with SW2, i think...

2. Watching D.Gray-Man
Then, i bought a new notebook... I forgot the date. I think it's around mid of Oct
My first anime to watch was D.Gray-Man. I want to see Kanda Yuu in action. But, I only watched episodes which arent in the manga
The leaf of Revival isnt good, The swordsman of millenium and the witch (I forgot all of the episodes' title) are good. I didnt watch Lulubell's arc though

3. Watching Kino no Tabi
My favorite anime in the past, still my favorite though.. I definetly wont forget this one. Because each episodes has their unique story and ending. Some of them are happy stories and some are sad stories... I like it :)
People who can read minds, Colliseum chapter, A country with major voting, The wise man, A peaceful land with their unique war, lots of. I like it ...
Score: 4.8/5

4. Watching Saint Seiya Hades Chapter
I really want to watch this, because there are battles among the gold saints. And so, it still has the 'Saint Seiya essences' eh?
This is the first time Saori using a cloth too. Looks funny Lol
The ending is kinda darnit, Seiya is dead??? He even hasnt met her sister. Wondering whether the story continued to the manga version???
Thanatos' cloth is uber cool ne hehehehe...
I like the 1st OP Chukyuugi, 2nd ending My Dear, 3rd ending Del Regno
Score: 3.8/5

5. Watching Tales of the Abyss Anime
Well, since i dont have much time to play the PS2 game, and it's very popular back then. I was curious with the story and watch the anime ver
I think it has good story, but bad battle actions =p
Back then, based on the characters design. I didnt like Jade, because he looked like an old man. After watching the anime, he is my favorite now. He is cool, calm, and strong. Second would be Asch, he has badass words hehehehe...
But, i disappointed with Asch's death. Because i was hoping Asch lives happily with Natalia, Luke with Tear. Sighs!
There's politic issue in this anime, not that fond of it. The villains' reasons arent that strong enough. Main point is saving the world, that's very common in every RPG games =p
Opening and ending are decent...
Score: 4.3/5

And now, am watching CODE GEAS!!!! Another popular anime that i was curious at.. So far is so good. But, politics and royal bloods again like Tales of the Abyss, eh =p