Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dark Aquamarine Blog 2nd Anniversary

Hello guys!
Reliazed something? Why do I post everyday in this past 1 week?
Yeah, It's to celebrate....

Dark Aquamarine Blog 2nd Anniversary !!!!

Lolz. Well, I do have 1 week holiday too. So, I gave all I've got for this ^^
Lacking a signature tutorial, i guess =p

Well, I made this blog at August 24th 2009. My first posts were Persona 3 Portable, Phantasy star Portable 2, and Random Graphics 1. Wow! Never thought that it's been 2 years since I post in my own blog hehehe...
Even though I cant post something everyday because I'm busy with my work and online shop, dont worry... I wont leave my precious blog n_n
I still accept render ripping request. Because sometimes, I confused which sites should I ripped. Because there are too many interesting sites Lol. But, if you guys request it in the chatbox, I will prioriate it...

For seishoujo request, No bless Oblige site.... I'm very sorry that I cant rip the pictures for you. I have tried with IE and Orbit, but still cant do it :(

Thank you for all readers, visitors, and followers who read my posts in my blog, hope it's usefull for all of you. And.... hope you still visiting and reading my blog ^^

Thank you