Saturday, August 27, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII Type-0 Characters Render Part 2 (UPDATE)

Finally, i've done with the first request. Jack, Deuce, and Seven renders. I think sooner or later, maybe around next week, there would be new renders of the next batch characters, Cinque, Cater, Trey, Yuzuki, etc...

Final Fantasy XIII Type-0 Renders
Andoria is the queen of Concordia, kingdom of the dragon masters. She is in touch with the Queen Dragon, a manifestation of the kingdom's Sōryū Crystal. She respects order and discipline and has a noble and fair spirit.
Celestia is an elite knight of the Akatoki from the Kingdom of Concordia, who protect the kingdom's Peristylium. She is very prideful regarding her nation
Gilgamesh is a colossal warrior from Lorica with the power of the Genbu crystal, Gilgamesh is a l'Cie who has forgotten his Focus and serves as one of the game's bosses.
Deuce is a young woman with dark brown hair. Like all Class Zero members, she wears a uniform that consists of a black jacket, a red skirt, and a red cape. Deuce's cape wraps around her neck and shoulders like a scarf. She is very loyal to her duties at Class Zero, and she is kind-hearted and good-natured even if she can be a bit stubborn. She is attributed the number 02 in Class Zero.
Jack is a young man with coiffed blond hair. He seems to always have a smile and is able to make wise-cracks easily. In dangerous surroundings he encourages his peers to take it easy. He is attributed the number 11 in Class Zero.
Seven is a young woman with short, silver hair. Like all Class Zero members, she wears a uniform that consists of a black jacket and a red skirt with shorts underneath, but doesn't wear a red cape. While her expressions are somewhat cold, she is kind and good-natured. It is because of this personality that she has won popularity with the underclassmen at the Suzaku Peristylium. She is attributed the number 07 in Class Zero.

Extra 3 artworks (including the summer uniform) + some higher res characters artwork from 4Gamer
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