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Final Fantasy XIII Type-0 Characters Render (UPDATE)

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Final Fantasy XIII Type-0 Renders
Ace is a young boy with short, light blond hair. Despite his age, he has a mature speech and attitude. He is considered to be a calm person, but can reveal himself at times to be reckless. He is attributed the number 01 in Class Zero.

Sice is a young woman with white hair. Like all Class Zero members, she wears a uniform with a short red skirt, a black jacket and a red cape. Sice's cape is short and torn at the bottom and she also wears heeled boots. Sice isn't very good with words but has good judgment. She usually uses rather rough language and said to be boyish due in part to her rough word use. She is attributed the number 06 in Class Zero.

Eight is a young man with short auburn hair. Like all Class Zero members, he wears a uniform with white pants, a black jacket and a red cape. Eight's cape is tied by the neck to make it shorter. Eight uses gloves because he hates weapons.

Nine is a young man with short, spiky blond hair and a scarred face. He wears a disheveled uniform of the Academy and wields a long spear. He is impulsive and straightforward, and sees the world in black and white and only feels satisfied when things aren't complicated. Even though he has a foul mouth and isn't exactly wise, his courage boosts Class Zero's morale on the battlefield. He is fittingly attributed the number 09 in Class Zero.

Queen is a young woman with long black hair and trademark glasses. As her name implies, she has a dignified position among her comrades, due to her intelligence and strong sense of justice. She has a strong personality and is known for saying cruel things to her allies, though she cares deeply for them and grieves when they're injured. She is attributed the number 12 in Class Zero

King is a man with long blond hair. Although his appearance looks cold, he is actually a person with a kind heart. Apparently he trains everyday. He is attributed the number 13 in Class Zero.

Arecia Al-Rashia
She wears spectacles and is head of Suzaku's magic division and oversees magic development. No one knows when she came to Suzaku. She's viewed somewhat as a sorceress who will do some unbelievable things at times. Regarded as a genius, her job is to develop and reform magic around Suzaku's peristylium.

Cid Aulstyne
High Commander of the technologically advanced army of the Milites Empire, Cid's goal is obtain the crystals of the four nations of Oriens, and for that purpose he breaks the Pax Codex and invades his neighboring countries with airship fleets and magitek armor.
His name could come from the combination of "old" and "Stein", the German world for a rock.

He is a Suzaku soldier with a scar running across his left temple. He's a big fan of chocobos, and in the Type-0 premier trailer was shown trying to heal his wounded chocobo despite his own injuries and calling for Ace's help.

Khalia Chival VI
He is The 174th Director of the Suzaku Magic Academy and one of the rulers of the nation of Rubrum. Khalia is an elderly man with gray hair. He was known as a great wizard in his youth and has earned the confidence of those around him.

He is an instructor at the Rubrum Peristylium Suzaku Magic Academy, and is specifically in charge of instruction of Class Zero, the group of protagonists of the game. He has graduated in the same academy, and was once feared on the battlefield, from where he received his nickname of the "Icy Blade of Death." He wields a sword and is frequently accompanied by a Tonberry that carries an enormous knife and also wears the Class Zero uniform.

Machina Kunagiri
Machina is a youth with short dark hair and an elegant cloak. He is brave and very powerful; traits which had him transferred into the legendary Class Zero. Due to being a recent addition to the ranks of Class Zero, he isn't assigned any number.

Rem Tokiyima
Rem is a youth with shoulder-length brown hair and wears a short cape. She is moral, kind, and honest, and has an outstanding hidden talent for magic. Due to being a recent addition to the ranks of Class Zero, she isn't assigned any number.

Qator Bashtar
The Brigadier General of the Milites Empire and a proud, blond-haired soldier who wears a patch over his left eye. He can often be found fighting on the front line, wielding a sword in one hand and a pistol in the other, and is also known to be an expert magitek armor pilot.

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