Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dynasty Warriors 7: New Character with Arabic Design

Dynasty Warriors 7 Artworks
Dian Wei
Jia Xu
Sun Shang Xiang
Taishi Ci
Yuan Shao
Yue Ying
Zhang Jiao
Zhang Liao
1000 x 1000 px CG artworks from 4Gamer
New dude withh Arab style design for the Wei Clan. I had been uploaded the file since last week and able to post the article today Lol, been busy with works again.
Extra 31 screenshots + 8 high-resolution character artworks (the face part only)
Download Link Media Fire
File Size 8.68 MB
Source Dynasty Warriors 7 Official Website

Dynasty Warriors 7 New Screenshots (high-resolution) from 4Gamer

Monday, January 17, 2011


It seems that i had choosen the wrong games to be ripped the images XD
Catherine only has 1 download, same goes to Tactics Ogre. Not interested with those games, i think. Disgaea 4 doesnt have flash sites too, so i cant ripped the renders. No wallies too, duh
Well, if you guys have any suggestion on any games, dont be shy to ask it in the chatbox ^^

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tactics Ogre-Let Us Cling Together Renders, Screenshots, and Official Wallpapers

Square Enix have been released this game for PSP at Nov 11th. 2010 for the JP version and Feb 15th, 2011 for the NA version
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Render
Barbas Dahd Geuse
Brantyn Morne
Canopus Wolph
Catiua Powell
Cressida Necroprentice
Denim Powell
Diego Galet Azelstan
Dorgalua Oberyth Valeria
Gildas W.Byrne
Hobyrim Vandam
Juda Ronwey
Lanselot Hamilton
Lanselot Tartaros
Leonar Reci Rimon
Leundar Balbatos
Martym Noumous
Mirdyn Walhorn
Nybeth Obdilord
Oz Moh Glacius
Ozma Moh Glacius
Ravness Loxaerion
Vyce Bozeck
Warren Moon
13 Classes: Archer, Beast Tamer, Berserker, Cleric, Dragoon, Knight, Ninja-Kunoichi, Rogue, Rune Fencer-Valkyrie, Swordmaster, Terror Knight, Warrior, Wizard-Witch
Extra  Logo + 1 artwork + 68 screenshots + 5 world images + 3 mp3 files from the official site
Download Link Media Fire
File Size 33.37 MB

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Official Wallpapers

Source Tactics Ogre-Let Us Cling Together Official Website
Not a fan of tactic games. I dont like the characters design too. I like the world design, pretty cool, especially the castle on ice mountains

Friday, January 14, 2011

Catherine Renders -UPDATE-

Atlus new game for Xbox360 and PS3, will be released at Feb 17th, 2011
Catherine Render
Erika -NEW!!!-
Master -NEW!!!-
Midnight Venus -NEW!!!-
Extra  Logo + 3 BGM + 1 artwork from 4Gamer
Download Link Media Fire
File Size 15.35 MB
NEW Download Link Media Fire (18.52 MB)
With additional 3 character renders, Erika, Master, and Midnight Venus

Catherine Trailer and OP Movie Links
I havent downloaded all of these video links, so cant give any comments or screenshots XD
Catherine 1st trailer (1280x720)
Catherine 1st trailer (640x320)
Catherine 2nd trailer (1280x720)
Catherine 2nd trailer (640x320)
Catherine 3rd trailer (1280x720)
Catherine 3rd trailer (640x320)
Catherine OP Movie (1280x720)
Catherine OP Movie (640x320)

Source Catherine Official Website

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

My last post in Jan 01, 2011


Wishing you happy memories of the last year 2010 and have a great beginning for the new year 2011. God Bless You
Hope i have more time for editting my blog in this new year n_n

Random Graphics 16

Time for random graphics from pixiv! Since i havent posted any Random Graphics post since September, so am adding more pictures to share
First, a very beautifull blue Hatsune Miku fanart, really like the color. Next is Sengoku Basara 3 characters in Persona mode Lol. Found a good fanart of Lorelei from Suikoden 2. The last fanart is a pretty cool samurai guy, i dont have any idea from what anime is he. Anyone can help?