Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Synopsis #5

4th Day: Crumbling Reason

Atsuro wants wider range for controllng the demons by searching the server which controlling the demons. The problem is..... where the hell is the server? XD
Well, they want to ask Shomonkai members for the answer ^^
Time for Laplace emails! And Keisuke didnt receive it all of this time

11:00 Ikebukuro -> A homicide will take place following public persecution against demon tamers. Victim: Midori Komaki
17:00 Shibuya -> The SDF will fatally shoot a popular rock singer (Haru eh?) It's suspected that this is a suicide.
Throughout the day, riots will increase because relation between civilians n demon tamers become increasingly strained
The number of suicides increase rapidly today.

Keisuke surprises that Midori is going to be killed by humans, not demons.
It's kinda ironic... She have to be killed by the very people she's trying so hard to protect. People are starting to look demon tamers as the cause of the lockdown
And the stupid Keisuke wants to protect Midori by using demons to kill people! Of course, Yuzu disagreed with it
Keisuke leaves my team and his Death Clock changed to number 1. That bastard only joins my party for 1 day, grrr!!!

Okay, my first event in the 4th day is.... meeting with Midori. This girl is helping people from demons' attack by summoning demons. That's great, but more demons come because of that n people do not fond of her, thingking that she's a witch who wants to destroy the world!
*sighs* She doesnt listen to what my party says and starts looking for her next targets.

Amane is giving a speech at Shiba Park. And everytime i speak with her, there's this holy song starting he3. Amane's theme huh? I like it though XD
Okay, funny conversation happens between Amane n Atsuro before she gave me some spoilers.

Amane: What do u think about God n demon? If God is a perfect being, why would He create creatures such as demons to tempt humans?
Atsuro: What? Uh... Hero, you handle this! (ROFL)

Well, that's an ordeal for humans. Remember the Babel Tower story? Humans made an attempt to reach heavens through technology. Then, defeated by an ordeal sent from God that divided their languages. After many long centuries, mankind has overcome its communication barrier. Again, God sent another ordeal. If they rise up in power n overcome God's challange, wouldnt it please Him? The Shomonkai will use man's power to beckon His Majesty for the strength to preserve. If humans use the power of higher beings to overcome the ordeal, humans will truly be free. That is WHY THE SHOMONKAI CREATED THE COMPS!

So, where is the server? Unfortunately, she can't answer it. Even if she told me, there is absolutely no way I could reach it as of now. It isnt an ordinary device in ordinary place. Hmph.. She challenges me, "will u be able to find it?"
There will be many paths available for Hero to choose on his journey (Yeah, because there are more than 1 endings XD)
Hmmm... this Shomonkai, Amane, n Naoya, there must be some schemes behind them

This Azuma guy is a Shomonkai member. My party asks about Naoya whereabouts. He said that Naoya has left after finishing the comp n never seen again
Ah! This guy gives me some clue about the server. The server is no longer in Shomonkai hands. It's in God's hands, n humans couldnt reach it (That's BSing Lol)
I ask about Bel Throne, then Azuma calls Amane's father aka the Shomonkai founder to answer it
The King of Bel has already been decided. No matter how much the other Bels struggle, they will always be inferior.
Okay, next is Belial. He is known as the Holy Flame. He is the one who brought decadence Sodom n Gomorrah, n destruction... He's an incarnation of the inferno. It's said that those related to him will see their own deaths within that flame (Wow! Cool ^^)

Shiba Park... chats with Gin. Another Aya talks. It's thanks to her, Gin just like who he is now. She disappeared 6 months ago at cold, rainy day. She called Gin to pick her up at the station. Gin went there, but she was gone. From his investiagtion, someone said that Aya got in a car with Shomonkai member (Heee.... that's why i often see him standing in front of Shomonkai HQ). She must have been important to Shomonkai for some reason.
Info about Aya1: A woman saw her with somebody wearing Shomonkai clothes. And he was somebody important

Just as Keisuke has thought, people are blaming Midori for the demons appearing. They call her a witch n want to beat her down
Ah! damn, this Keisuke. He's mad because ppl want to kill their saviour. Heh, he wants to be the judge for their sins XD
Similar with Kaido, a demon appears in front of Keisuke. It's Yama, a god of the underworld.
*sighs* Eventhough, she has learned her lesson, she's still doesnt want to abandon people who are in trouble. Ah... she runs away n her DC number is still 0

Info about Aya2: The Shomonkai dont have anything to tell us. But, the Shomonkai member, call her with Lady Aya
Info about Aya3: Lady Aya is Azuma's guest (So, he's that somebody important huh?)
Info about Aya4: Finally, the Shomonkai member gives up. If i want to see Aya, i must ask it to Azuma himself. He'll be at the Hills in Roppongi at 12:00 in 2 days.
Err.... great. I tell all of those info to Gin, then his DC number changed from 3 to 2 *glups*  

Whoah! It seems ppl are looking for Midori because they thought that she was the causing of the demons appearing
Midori is doing the right way by helping ppl, but she's ignoring what everyone else is thingking. Common ppl cant differ demons from the real world and demons from the comps. And there are ppl who are abusing the comps too. That's why ppl afraid of demon tamers. Finally Midori knows that she was wrong. She's still want to be a heroine with a right way by joining my party
Yay! A replacement for Keisuke n her DC number changed to 2.

Gin asked who has given the comps to the demon tamers. The Shomon made the comps in the first place, so it could be them. They seem fishy huh? Gin has a comp too. Wow! everyone in there seems has a comp, Kaido, Honda, civilians. Somehow, looks like someone is distributing them. If Shomon are handing out the comps, then they are definitely up to something. And i bet founding out what it is, will open the truth behind the lockdown
That is Gin's thought, n i think i agree with him. This shomon must be up to something.

Atsuro hopes there might be some clues in Naoya's room (Shomonkai HQ) about the Comp's server. But, Azuma said that there are no blueprints, no memos, or anything useful, only files of numbers n symbols that have no meaning.

Hiya... Am fighting some bad demon tamers again? *sighs*
They are using demons to threat someone for his money. Okay, my team...
Hero (32): Silky (29) Mahakala (30)
Atsuro (31): Peri (30) Hanuman (32)
Yuzu (31): King Frost (28) Power (30)
Midori (30): Bai Ze (30) Nalagiri (29)

After i defeated them, the victim said thank you and glad that there're good demon tamers. But, he said that there arent many ppl who trust demon tamers too.
Atsuro thinks that there are more ppl abusing the comp and the bigger chance of them using it against the SDF to break through this lockdown. Demon tamers vs SDF eh?
And... Yuzu was angry when Midori stood a little close to Hero he3

I forgot to post up Shoji's outlook before, here it's
I meet again with this journalist. She has more info now....
"Angels n demons really do exist, n why the lockdown had to happen now. I looked into the altered comps. It seems Shomon are responsible for their development. And they were holding a summer retreat the day of the lockdown. The comps are only in the hands of Shomon high-rank members. And those members would take part in the cult's special activities. The govern knew about demons, n they knew most of the cult would be here. So, they locked down all of downtown Tokyo." Hoo.... so, that's the reasons
Shoji saw an angel too, white wings n shining with light. The angels seemed to be giving orders to the SDF troops in the blockades (eh?). Just looking at them, she felt this kind of awe n fear. The angels told the govern about demons n ordered the lockdown (That's wierd in the lain Lol)
The SDF's Special Task Force (Izuna's teams) is a unit that has never been disclosed by the gov. In times of emergency, it has the authority to take command of military or civil agencies. They're capable of pulling of ruthless tasks like this

Wth is Kaido doing? He's attacking civlians, innocent people in the amusement park
My team:
Hero (33): Silky (30) King Frost (28)
Atsuro (32): Peri (31) Hanuman (32)
Yuzu (32): Lorelei (33) Power (30)
Midori (31):  Bai Ze (31) Nalagiri (30)

Oh! Honda said that the civilians are attacking them first. The gap between civilians n demon tamers are getting more n more wide

17:00 Haru's death time
She's lost in thought n staring at the locked-down Shibuya Station. She's muttering to herself n doesnt seem to notice Hero. "The demons are tormenting ppl n drive them insane. The demons... Is it because I summoned the demons? Everything's my fault... All of Tokyo... " Haru says
She thinks that the demons appeared because of her songs. Hero said that he would destroy the demons. Then she stops blaming herself n her DC changed to 1 Yay!

Kaido said that some of his Daemons friends have been killed by a demon tamer. The survivor says that the demon tamer is wearing glasses and his demon says "judgement of justice" (Figure it out already? Yeah,it's Keisuke)

My party sees Mari being chased by a demon named Kudlak. And Kudlak calling Mari as Kresnik and says "Right now you're just a brave little human! Doesnt that frustate you?"
My party is going to defeat Kudlak and save Mari, but Kresnik who is inside Mari says "No! U musnt defeat Kudlak right now. When defeated, Kudlak revives in a stronnger state of being than before"
After Mari escaped, her DC number changed to 1.

Kresnik is destinied to battle the vampire, Kudlak. He hides within Mari's body to avoid unwanted predicaments. It isnt that Kresnik taken over her body, Atsuro still can hear Mari's voice. Her desire to capture the monster behind the bloodless murders summoned Kresnik. Both of them seek to defeat the same demon. So, they make a contract.
Kudlak is a vampire with the ability to regenerate from almost any bodily wound. Unless defeated in the proper manner, he'll continue to revive, stronger than ever.
The necessary item to defeat Kudlak had been stolen. Usually, Kudlak would flee the area if he was aware of Kresnik's pressence. The theft must have been instigated by Kudlak, as well...
The item is a powder made from white amnion. Mari was carrying it in her bag. Maybe it's stolen at Kanda.
After some investigating, i found the bag. The theft ordered by "this wierd" guy with foods as the reward.

After taking some time to create new demons, here's my new party:
Hero (34): Mothman (34) King Frost (29)
Atsuro (33):  Hanuman (33) Lorelei (33) (Wow! Triple 33 XD)
Yuzu (32):  Badb Catha (34) Lailah (34)
Midori (32): Nalagiri (30) Peri (31)

The policemen can use comps now. They told the civilian to drop the food, money, n scram. They thought he stole it. But, the civilian found it and has been looked for it for days. The police didnt believe it and kill him by summoning demon. Well, time for judgement ^^
It's an annoying battle, because some of the policemen have Battle Aura which null damagae <50. A bad idea to give magic element dance with low magic stat XD

Shibuya, the night of 4th day
Incoming emails
Gin: He gives info about Kaido n Mari. Kaido's bolder brother is one of the victims of the blodless murders. Mari is the one who found his death body. Ever since, they didnt get along well
Honda: He really wants to go out from the Yamanote circle quickly.
Kaido: He's having difficulty tracking down the Daemon members' murderer. Asking any info if i have one
Midori: She finally realizes what Keisuke was trying to tell her. She's not going to overboard anymore, but still wants to help people
Keisuke: He wants to become a judge, giving punishment to the unjustice. Warning me not to get in his way
Yuzu: Complaining that they had been trapped in Yama circle for 4 days n handled the civilians-demon tamers gap
Atsuro: Talking about Kresnik-Kudlak and Keisuke being chased by Kaido