Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Synopsis #4

3rd Day: Beldr

Morning! And i meet with this Keisuke. He tells us about Midori. She said that she wanted to use the comp for helping people. Keisuke helped her how to use it, but Midori's Death Clock number is decreasing
She doesnt even realize what the number above her head means. Keisuke told her but she wouldnt listen. As soon as Midori swore to help people, her clcok ran down to 2! For today, it's down to 1 now
Ha3 Atsuro said that Keisuke was very worried about Midori, that means.... Well, i'll leave it to ur imagination ^^
Finally! A new member -Keisuke- joins the party! But, after he joined my group, his clock changes from 5 to 0 and he cant read anyone's DC again. Yup, because only the party's leader who can read Death Clock

I'm upgrading my Auction membership to Gold member, the demons are pretty high class and very2 expensive. Usually, i pay for 200-400 macca for 1 demon, but the Gold demons demand 700 macca o.O

Atsuro asked Honda's job and said that Honda learned how to use a comp easily & he didnt seem to be panicking at all.
Striking question from Atsuro, "Honda, did u know the lockdown was going to happen beforehand?"
Ooo.... Honda was hired by a corporation, and the corp told him about the comp beforehand. His task was to bring a demon as a sample. In this case,a demon that was summoned by a comp. If the existance of demons was true, many corporations would want to research them. (That's crazy Lol)
So, after he got the comp, he couldnt get out eh?! But the story about his son is still true, not a lie.

I meet again with Shoji the journalist. She was attacked by demons, but a young hipster rescued her and told her all about demons. This guy runs a bar in Omotesando and he was smokin' hot (Shoji's said Lol). It was Gin XD
She believes that the lockdown is to keep demons escaping. And she has a rumor that the world was going to end in 4 days!

Time for battle, my team
Hero (24): Pyro Jack (22) Silky (24)
Atsuro (24): Yuki Jyorou (22) Thor (20)
Yuzu (24): Jack Frost (20) King Frost (23)
Keisuke (24): Kikuri-Hime (23) Pendragon (23)

Tokyo... Lot of demons are heading to the outdoor concert stage where Haru is singing. Lilim said that Haru knows the ancient common tounge. Wendigo said that he needed the song and his master must had the ancient common tounge heh?
Well, after i saved Haru, her DC number change to 1 now
Aya, the sequencer's owner told Haru to finish what there was of the song left inside. Haru asks Hero for a chat sometime puff
My party is wondering why the demons were targeting Haru
Keisuke asks Hero whether they will continue helping people from demons' attack. Keisuke worries something .... currently in Yama circle, citizens attacked by demons. Then rescued by demons that summoned by us, the demon tamers. Well, you know ..... it's kinda awkward, they will scare of demon tamers or think that they are the one who order the demons to attack humans.

My party go to the Akasaka Tunnel again to check whether they can out from Yamanote circle via the secret tunnel. Then, there's someone ahead. The figure readies its gun and points it at me!!!
Oh, it's the previous woman, Izuna. She thought that we were the ones who summoned the demons who caused the masacare because she saw us before summoning demons via comp. And hey! She knew that Shomonkai made the comp.
I get some spoilers from her too

"The demon appearing is the reason for the lockdown. When the government realized they were using demons, the lockdown plan was approved. It was timed perfectly so they were all gathered in Tokyo."
Yuzu asked who's "They", but Izuna didnt answer it properly. The gov will do anything (including lockdown the humans) to prevent demons infestation or demons taking over Japan. My guess is "They" = Shomonkai

A group of demonstrators trying to pierce the blockade at Uenowere just shot n killed, 10 fatalities n 100+ injuries
Finally, she introduces herself. The name is Misaki Izuna, the captain of the special counter-demon squad. This squad isnt with the SDF or the police. She has authority over them.
My party asks about what will happen at the next 4 days, it seems she know something but dont want to tell us *sighs*

Shinjuku... My party sees Naoya, pursuing him, then lost track. Then, I meet with this Gigolo guy who asks a date with Yuzu. He stares hero and says "Well, well.. So it's you. Just like Naoya said... This really is amusing. Say, have u ever given any thought to ur own future? Ur... destiny?"
Huh? He know that my DC number is zero and my agent of death is Beldr. who the hell is this guy?
He has an advice for hero too....
"The immortal Beldr has long been protected by a vow all living beings agreed to, which forbid any of them from bringing harm to Beldr. But, there's one being that was overlooked who is inside the lockdown (The Hero? or Haru? or... Naoya?) If u suceed in finding it, even u might be able to thwart his attacks."
Then the Gigolo vanishes....

Awww... Haru is talking about her past. She doesnt have good relationship with any girls or guys. She never knew her parents because they abandoned Haru when she was a little. Her relatives passed her around. She lived with her grandma who died a few years later. She barely showing her true smile and wondering whether people like her singing or not.

Well, another Haru's past... she dropped out of school, lived by her own, worked full time to pay the bills. She bored with her live, then someone gave her a reason to live. She was Aya. Her band D-Va, the songs she sing, Aya gave Haru all that. But, it's over now. Haru lost touch with Aya a while ago, went abroad to study music.

Okay, after some levelling up, time for story battle.
Here's my party
Hero (27): Bai Ze (27) Thor (21)
Atsuro (24): Kikuri-Hime (24) King Frost (25)
Yuzu (24): Mahakala (27) Yuki Jyorou (22)
Keisuke (24): Silky (26) Power (26)

Hmm... wth is Midori doing? She's deliberately seeking demons XD
Some citizens are cornered because of demons' attack then Midori is coming.
I thought .... the decreasing of Midori's DC number -after swearing to use it for helping people- is because it's a lie, she wants to use it for her own safety. But, it seems the reason is -maybe- because she learns comp to play as a hero, I'm Magical Dolly the Warrior of Love! *summoning 2 Cait Siths*

Okay, After defeating all of demons and helping the citizens escape, Beldr shows up! o.O
Great, he has this Vampire Mist, dealing a map attack to all of my teams
Midori's attacks are useless. "Hwaha, I've formed a contract with earth itself... Nothing can pierce me!" Beldr says.
Finally, all of my teams plan to escape from there. Phew!
All of my party members persuade Midori to hand off the comp and tell her that she has 1 day left in this world. Of course, she doesnt want to listen because am going to fight Beldr but she isnt allowed to. And she's really want to become hero in this case, so she doesnt care if she would die tomorrow because hero fears nothing.

Atsuro is trying to get some data about Beldr in the comp. And here's what he get
"All creation, save the devil's fuge, vowed never bring to harm to beautiful, radiant Beldr. The evil Loki tricked Beldr's brother into using the devil's fuge to send him to Hel (Hel? That Hel from Valkyrie Profile Series or Norse Myth?)."
So, Beldr was invulnerable, but Loki tricked his bro into killing him with devil's fuge. Devil's fuge is the key and the Gigolo said that the one thing that could kill Beldr was inside the lockdown! Bingo

Some info said that Devil's fuge = mistletoe = parasitic plant?
There's a guy selling plants from woods in Kudanshita, but someone has bought it XD
That someone said they wanted to be at the Diet Building at 17:00

Funny scene, Midori is talking with Jack Frost who isnt her own demon Lol. Jack asks why Midori was so strong. And Midori answered that it was the power of love
"As long as we have love, u can stand up even if you get knocked down" Midori says. Then Jack leaves in search for love .... XD

Kaido and Honda again, they are chasing demons for macca to buy stronger demons. Errr... Yuzu is challenging Kaido. If i win, i can have all of his macca plus his comp. If Kaido win, i must give up all of my parties' comps.
Well... I win. Then, Kaido doesnt like it. He wants more power, doesnt care whether it's from gods/demons, to destroy everything. Suddenly, Pazuzu -The demon king of the wind- appears in front of Kaido. Kaido makes a contract with the demon without the auction or comp helps. Could it be the demons appear in response to human desires? But, why is this happening now?, my party's wondering.

The other guy who was with Izuna before, is Commander Fushimi. They are after for the comps. Still investigating who summons the demons.

Kudanshita... some Shomonkai members were harassing a woman for no reason in front of Bugeikan. Saying stuff like "Are u after us too?" n "Hand over ur comp!". They force the woman to join them too
Hmm.... those shomonkai people need comps for the new recruits. They are traitors who left Shomonkai n want to use comp for their personal gain
Then the real Shomonkai members appear n Amane, of course. She said that she could see a strong power at work in Hero's destiny, which would reach a branching point soon.

Battle for the Devil's fuge, here's my party
Hero (31): Silky (27) Mahakala (28)
Atsuro (30): Bai Ze (28) Nalagiri (26)
Yuzu (30): Kikuri-Hime (25) Power (27) 
Keisuke (30):  Peri (28) King Frost (25)

Nagata-cho event at 17:00, some demon tamers are attacked by demons in front of the Diet Building. The demon says "Believers of Belial! Give us the mistletoe!" It seems the demon tamers want to defeat Beldr with the devil's fuge.
Okay, i get the devil's fuge. Then Atsuro said that we need the fuge to defeat Beldr. The demon tamers said that i knew nothing and soon i would know the meaning behind the battle (We'll see about that)
The Devil's fuge is only a cell phone strap Lol XD

Many characters want to talk private with Hero, Haru, Kaido, n now is Gin.
Haru has told many things about herself to me, which means she must have high expectations of Hero. But, Gin doesnt want me to get close to Haru because she isnt like most people, if she felt betrayed by someone she opened up to, she'd throw away her life (just like Haru x Aya)
And.... Aya is Gin's lover! But, she disappeared 6 months ago (Isnt she going abroad?)
Gin is telling a lie to Haru because if she knew the truth, she'd blame herself, thingking it happened because of her. Once, Aya was the leader of D-Va. But aware of Haru's talent, she gave it to Haru. Then, Haru feels like she stole Aya's place.

Agh!! Aoyama Cemetry, finally the time has come for my party to die....
My party is still the same with the previous battle. Well, let's go!
Whoah, it's a very hard battle. After i defeated him, Hero feels a mysterious power within him. Then, my DC number changed to 3. Horay!! But, it's one day shorter than most people's Death Clock number -4- in Yama circle.

My party wants to gather some info and they go to Shinjuku to ask the Gigolo guy
He didnt imagine that a human could defeat Beldr. The battle to become King of Bel is getting interesting, he says. Defeating Beldr is only the beginning. Beldr was one of the demons crowned with the name of Bel. He was immortal once, but lost his life in a certain incident long, long ago. Had everyone in the world shed a tear for him, he would have been freed from Hel. But, there was 1 old hag who refused to cry n he stayed trapped in here. He was out to make a world of lament, so all humans would cry n he'd be free. But, Beldr is back in Hel because Hero defeated him.

Demons crowned with the name of Bel are having a war of superiority. The winner will assume the Throne of Bel n become its King. Other than Beldr, it involves Belial, Jezebel, Belzaboul, n Belberith.
Hero has beaten up Beldr, he has his power now. Why Hero? Naoya knew the answer (That damn guy, where is he?)
The Gigolo guy said that in the next 3 days, i will be fighting Belial

Shibuya, the night of 3rd day
Incoming emails
Amane: She knows that I defeated Beldr and about the meaning of this Bel demons battle. No wonder Lol
Honda: He hope that he could summon a strong demon without comp just like Kaido did and the demon could let him fly out of that place. Lol XD
Kaido: He asks me to team up with him n start taking over. Like hell i will do it XD
Midori: She wants to thank you for saving her. Ha3 she still wants to act as a superhero and helps people.
Keisuke: His comp was given by a tall man who looked kind of like Hero. Huh? Naoya? But, i think their faces are totally different Lol
Yuzu: When they were fighting in the graveyard, she felt like Hero was gonna leave them. Would it be end up like P3?
Atsuro: He thinks that demons arent that dangerous, we can control them to help people. You bet it, dude ^^