Friday, July 30, 2010

Atelier Totori Characters Render, Screenshots, and Official Wallpapers

Atelier Totori Renders
Cecilia Helmold
Cuderia von Feuerbach
Filly Erhard
Jeeno Knab
Marc Mcbrine
Mervia Siebel
Mimi Houllier Von Schwarzlang
Rororina Fryxell
Sterkenburg Cranach
Totooria Helmold
The characters artwork are still amazing, very anime-ish XD
Sterkenburg looks very different Lol. He looks more dark like a gothic vampire Lol. Yksel looks more adult, handsy *melts*
For the new characters

Extra Logo + 3 artworks + 1 mp3 file (official website BGM)
Download Link Media Fire
File Size 15.54 MB

Atelier Totori Screenshots
38 screenshots (2-3 images for each characters)
90+ smaller screenshots

Download Link Media Fire
File Size 9.36 MB

Atelier Totori Official Wallpapers
Source: Atelier Totori Official Website