Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Synopsis #3

2nd Day: Any Way Out

Kaido n Gin are actually friends. Gin seems holding a comp
There's someone who has bad intention to Haru. It's just an old man lying that his boss want to meet with Haru
Kaido's & Gin's DC number are 5
I meet with this new character, Yasuyuki Honda. Only saying that all of them are trapped in Yamanote circle, so we must share information each other if we have a new one. Plus he asked about my comp too. Honda's DC number is 5
It seems he's an acquitance with Kaido and Honda asked about Kaido's comp (That dude has a comp eh?)
In Kanda i meet with Mari, Atsuro's teacher in middle school. But, she's a nurse in elementary school now. She worries about this blackout and Yamanote Circle blockade. Her DC number is 2

A female journalist named Shoji want to ask some questions about this Tokyo Lockdown with my party. Then she told us that....
The city highway connects to the subway, it's a secreat tunnel for foreign VIPs
The lockdown is to keep monsters from escaping!
Her worries is the same with Mari's. People will going on rampage/riot if the lockdown continued
Her DC number is 5.

Akasaka tunnel... want to check what Shoji said about the VIP tunnel. There are lots of accidents in there and it caused by the demons. They are playing the comps to summon their friends Lol. They said something about releasing their master, Beldr
After i win the battle, there's a woman (Izuna) n a guy point guns to my party. The woman is chasing demons in the "contaminated area". She knows that i summon demon and the guy calls us "target". Both of them are using uniforms, but not the same with SDF soldier's uniform. And my party is guessing that the government knew about demons. Then my party run away .....

Atsuro wondering how did the first demon appear? And there must be some demons who didnt have contracts with humans.
Yup, i've been wondering too how and when the first demon appeares Lol

Mari worries with the blackout, hospitals, and health. Luckily, the water supply is available, so she told me to wash my hands to keep out from diseases.
Hibiya park... i meet again with the old man who was after Haru before. He thought that my party was looking for Haru's power but he said that it belonged to his master. All of us will burn in the holy flame. The doomsayers, worshipping demons and believing the end of the world so that a new world will begin.

They want to rest at Eikokuji Temple, but they find demons (at the holy place?!). And they want my comps too XD
Suddenly Honda n Kaido appear. Kaido is running low on Macca so he wants the demons. Whatever
The demons said that their master, Beldr is immortal and will ressurect soon. Kaido n Honda seems getting used fighting the demons already and they need macca for stronger demons from the Auction (What for?)

Kaido ask me about the Bloodless Murders, the ones where people are found drained of blood. Kaido is using the comp to find the muderer and kill him because his brother was one of the victims.
And about my request to look for Naoya, it was tough to coordinate things with the blackout.

Next is Honda in Shibuya, he is trying to argue his way past the guards because his son's operation will take place in a few days. His wife has passed away, so he must there by his son's side
As you all know, he n Kaido helped my party at the temple. He didnt know about comp at our first meeting, but he's just got one after that meeting.

Shiba Park... there are demons scaring the citizens. There's this one policeman who is coming to help the citizens, but my party told him to go to the Shiba Park because there are demons in there too. He goes there but there's a demon running right behind him
After i win the battle, scenes play in Shiba Park. The policeman is cornered, then the Shomonkai members and Amane are coming to the rescue. This Amane is surely has charisma, she told the citizens to clam down and summons Laksmi the Goddess (a lvl. 48 demon)

My party is wondering whether Shomonkai is the one who spreading the comps among citizens. Because there are some punks who have it. My party ask a Shomonkai member and only Shomonkai members who can have the comps, it didnt distribute for common people.

About Kaido's past...
Kaido, his big bro, and Mari were childhood friends. It's a triangle love, Kaido loves Mari but Mari end up with Kaido's BB. Mari is older than Kaido, so she treats him like a younger brother. It pissess Kaido though
And Mari is after the bloodless murder too like Kaido, but she isnt a demon tamer. So, Kaido plans to protect Mari

Honda told me about an explosion at Asakusa Temple 6 months ago which could be connected with the lockdown. The reasons behind Asakusa incident & the Yamanote lockdown are unknown n explosions are involved in both. The Shomonkai were involved in the evacuation in Asakusa (Woo... what could this mean?)
Atsuro feels suspicious with this Honda guy, because the one that he shove in the pocket is a radio not a cellphone. Well, Honda said that he tried to call someone via cell phone.

I meet with Keisuke n Midori at Ikebukuro. They are cornered by demons. Well, both Death Clock number are 0
Keisuke summons Jack Frost n Pyro Jack so that Midori can escape via underground. Dont worry, my party is in here to help! ^^
After the battle, both Keisuke n Midori's DC number changed to 5
Oh my, Keisuke said that there's a possibility that all of ppl in Yamanote circle deaths will be caused by the SDF!
That Dolly girl, she asks us to teach her how to use comp. She snatchs the comp that i found in the cemtery and draggs Keisuke to teach her Lol
-End of 2nd day-