Sunday, June 13, 2010

EviLina is Back Again?

Hello guys! Long time no see eh?
Sorry if i stopped posting in here without saying anything.
That's because at the end of April, my internet hardware aka modem suddenly broke. Then me and my big bro decided to buy a new modem which is very expensive. My big bro was waiting for my first salary.
Yes, finally i got a job on May, guys. I'm not a jobless b****** anymore XD
So, we can buy a new modem on June. And here i am!

The final poll result is Samurai Warriors 3 and Magna Carta 2, hmmm.... since i have made some MC2 wallpapers on May. So, i think i'll post that one first

Btw, i work in other city so i go to work at 6.30 am and go home at 6.30 pm. So.... Maybe i cant post much in here
Am kinda confuse when will i make a wallpaper or signature tutorial Lol
There are so many things that i must changed for my blog ....... *sighs*