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Suikoden Tierkreis Synopsis #6

After dealing with 12 pillars that surround Cynas, we can get into the town and The Tower of the Way has turned into The One King big statue Lol
The people of Cynas seem having perpetual day and couldnt see Hero's team because they are not supposed in there
When entering the Tower, Hero step into Valfred's perpetual day. The happy day with his family (wife, boy, and daughter) at the last day when the fusion happened for the first time in that world (It could be the Scribes' world)
My final team
Finally, Valfred dies for forever (yes!). Time to storm the king
Hmmm... it seems some of the monsters in here are weak to Pierce, except the darknees knight who is weak to Strike. NM, Guntram has Crush Quake plus Equilibrium and Roberto has Advanced Falcon plus 2 way Thrust
This sounds crazy, but if there are any random encounters consist of 3 monsters, i will definetly use Hina's Fuse Dome (120 MP) Ha...ha...
I buy 99 Mints (MP+50) and 99 Medical Herbs (HP+300) from Cynas item store for back ups ^^

In half way through, there's a room with lots of Tablet of Stars. It has burned out except the Tenkai Star, yup the Hero or the main leader.
Here's my final party plus their equipments
The FAQ aka Stepahine is using Hero, Chrodechild, Fredegund, and Diadora as her final party. Let me share you something why i didnt use them eventhough the FAQ said that Diadora is the strongest magician and the Astrasia's Princessess are strong with their True Falcon
Well, i dont think Diadora is the strongest magician because there are other magicians who has higher MGC stat than Diadora, ie Nakil, Manaril, Zenoa, and Zayin. Plus Diadora doesnt have Fuse Dome, that's very important for killing monsters in the final dungeon. With a 120 MP Fuse Dome i can kill 3 monsters, but with a 80 MP Gate to Nowhere i only kill 1 monster.... Ah, thanks a lot. That's if an instant death. Thing that i dont like from Diadora's gate is.... the random instant kill. I dont like it, i want 100% instant kill.

I dont like Fre and Child because ..... am not a loser who only depend on True Falcon XD
True Falcon cost 100 MP    to deal 300% damage. Earthspasm + Equilibrium cost lower MP with similar damage (80 MP for 300% damage), but only Vaslof and Mun-Tsang who have those 2 skills combination
Guntram has Equilibrium + Crush Quake (40 MP for 250% damage), that's why i use him
Roberto has Advanced Falcon + 2 Way Spear. But, 2 Way Spear deal 10% damage to me, so it's kinda annoying
Agh! True Falcon isnt everything, if you want a real challenge, dont use Fre, Child, or Mourgent
I didnt use the other 3 protagonists (Jale, Liu, and Marica), because it's lame .... XD

Hero: Ha! I found you!
The One King: As The One King, i shall fuse the Infinity into one world.
H: The Infinity?!
T: The Infinity consists of confusion -- in the guise of "possibility" ...and chaos -- in the guise of "diversity"
An undetermined future leads to unlimited path, which ultimately breeds chaos. One world is the answer of these problems.
A beautiful, complete world -- the absolute model of perfection and order -- is how the Infinity must be.
H: I dont buy it! The same thing over n over again ain't my idea of beauty n perfection.
You dont actually think you can just take our world -- Take everyone's world, everyone's future throughout the Infinity, and roll it up into ur own playground!
I'm gonna put a stop to your wild delusions, n I'm gonna take u out, RIGHT HERE!
T: You are a foolish soul. Listen well, Starbearers. The future has already been determined. There is no reason to fight any longer.
H: No reason to fight? We'll never know unless we try!!
T: Your actions are futile. As I am in possession of the TrueC., no one in this world can touch me.
H: I wouldnt bet on that! We've got the 12 books! One for each of the worlds that u crushed! For each of the futures u stole! The fire n determination of everyone willing to fight u! All these books, against the TrueC.! Which do u think will come out on top? Only 1 way to find out!!!

*Battles with King 1st form*
Hero & King go to the Corridor, i think
H: Gah! Looks like he's not gonna take his medicine like a good little king!
???: Just as I thought, this wont be an easy fight!
H: Hey, I know that voice! Atrie? Is that u?!
A: Hero?! I can hear u!
H: I can hear u too! What's going on?!
A: I'm not sure... We are fighting the one king right now!
H: You're fighting him as well?
???: Same here. We are fighting him too!
H: Was that... Marica? The other Marica?
M: That's right! We're in a face-off with the one king!
A: I can hear more voices, too. They must be fighting the one king in other worlds!
H: Ha! That's great! I guess we're not on our own here then!
M: Right! I bet the whole Infinity is fighting him!
A: To protect our futures!
H: I feel like we can win now, no matter what he throws at us!
Hey! Atrie! Marica! Let's mop the floor with this guy!
A: You got it!
M: Consider it done!

*Battles with King 2nd form*
H: Here we go again! He doesnt give up easy, that's for sure!
A: We're not going to let him defeat us, though!
M: We may be in other world, but we're all fighting together as one!
H: Yeah! And the entire Infinity is counting on us to win this! With the entire Infinity o our side, how can we lose?! Here goes nothin'!!!
A/M: We're right behind u!!!

*Battles with King 3rd form*
*anime scenes*
Hero: Huh... Where am I...? You... *sees the king*
The tablet of.... promise....
The One King: I have bound together the lives of the Stars. As with an Infinity of unlimited possibilities. The existance of numerous Stars, lighting the paths of all worlds. Symbolizes an undetermined future. And I have combined them into one
H: So it's.... just as i thought, you --
T: TOK has neither past nor future. Only conflict... A war against myself, a sacrifice of myself... Yet at long last....
You, with the Stars of other worlds, have ended this monstrous cycle.
H: The TrueC. *A book appears in front of Hero*
T: It belongs to u & the others *TOK vanishes*

In Corridor.......
Hero: Hotupa, No diece, huh?
Hotupa: No diece...
It connects to the Pharamond Gateway, but no to any of the other worlds...
Liu: Too bad, i was hoping to find out what happened to the others.
That's it
Hero: What's "it"?
D: In a sense, our ability to travel from world to world vai Corridor was provided by the king.
Hero: What?!
D: As a side effect of his attempt to fuse the Infinity into 1 world, it was easy to connect to the Corridor.
L: So that must mean --!
D: Yes. Now that we have defeated the king, we can no longer join the Corridor to other Gateways.
H: Oh no...
D: That'll make work difficult for u and the Wanderes i suppose.
It'll be impossible to stock up on products from other worlds now.
H: Well, that in itself is indeed troubling, but our business will survive.
L: We'll never find out if Atrie, or the other Marica have won or not.
N even if they've won, does that mean we'll never see them again?
Hero: I wouldnt say that!
L: Hero?
Hero: Now that we cant connect to other worlds, that's proof the king is actually history, right?
So then they must've won their battle on their side!
And besides, i have a feeling we might see 'em again!
H: Hero...
Hero: We oughta get back now! There's still a ton of things we've gotta take care of!
*Hero runs away*
L: Wait up, Hero!
D: He truly is an amazing kid
H: Isnt he?

In my castle.....
Marica: Oh, so you have to leave...
Shams: Yes, the citizens os Salsabil await my return
Chrodechild: I have a lot to get done as well. Astrasia's reconstruction has already begun, but Cynas needs help in a big way
Vaslof: Their spirits must've been crushed by all this.
Somebody's gotta whip them back into shape if they wanna function again. I'll send some troops from Lugenik.
Jale: Nice, i'll leave that to u.
Diulf: I plan to have a feast with the spirits to celebrate our victory -- n i hope you'll all join us!
Neira: N make sure to come to Naineneis Temple to receive blessings deom the Sea God Ninulneda.
Liu: Hold on a second.
Rajim: Arent you guys forgetting about the village?
If we dont tend to the crops we're sure to have famine!
Moana: The X Company is booked up for the next 6 months as helpers. We better get crackin'!
Liu: Hey! Where'd Hero go?
First he says there's a ton of things to take care of, then he takes off somewhere!

In Tablet room......
Zenoa: R u sure it's okay?
Hero: Positive. You'll take it away where no one, n i mean NO ONE, can ever get their hands on it, right?
Z: Well, yeah.... You sure r a strange one, u know that? I mean, who wouldnt wanna keep the TrueC.?
U can gain knowledge of everything in this world with it.
H: I just dont need it anymore. Plain n simple.
Humans shouldnt get their hands on that kind of power.
Z: Hero...
H: Besides, what fun would life be if u knew how everything would work out before u even tried? Am i wrong?
Z: Heh, maybe you're right.
Marica: Hey, there u r!!!
H: What's up, Marica?
M: what do u mean "what's up"?! Dont u realize how busy we r?! Get out here n get to work!
H: Okay, okay! Ouch! You dont gotta pull on me like that!

*anime scenes*
Zenoa: These people really dont seem to need the TrueC. So I'll just take it with me. Take it to the Stars *Zenoa vanishes*
Actually I never expected such strong leadership out of him. All 108 SOD came to his side. And if that's how it is, maybe one last time.... *Tablet of Promise vanishes*

Where were u, hero?!
The Janamese r about to leave!
Hero! With the reconstruction of Cynas and all...
How is the X Company goint to deal with all this work?
Would u all stop it?! I cant understand all that yappin' at once!
Here's the deal. I'm droppin' everything to go ona trip!
Excuse me!
Sheesh, what is it now?
come over here n find out! C'mon, hurry!

*anime scenes*
*Hero sits in front of the castle's Gateway* *Someone appears from the Gateway*
Atrie: Hey, long time no see! I think...
Hm? I thought you'd be more surprised to see me. In fact, I'm not even sure how i got here myself.
Hero: I knew we'd meet again. Never had a doubt in my mind. I didnt think it would be this fast though
.......... ugh! A plain conversation, just see the anime screenshots that i have uploaded it for you XD

Ending of SOD
thanks to Cyril from gamefaqs for the Suikoden Tierkreis FAQ