Monday, April 26, 2010

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Synopsis #2

1st Day: Tokyo Lockdown

In the morning, they receive emails from Naoya and Laplace. The last one telling them about today's incidents. The numbers above their heads turn from 1 to 0, Naoya's email tell them about these Death Clock which displays the number of days a person has left to live. The numbers were affect by the person's action

The power is still shut down like the Laplace email said. And.....
Since the train station barricaded by the troops because of poisonous gas suspected in the underground (mention in the Laplace email too), the 3 of them plan to change their Death Clock which showing number 0 alias they will die that day!
Then i meet with Kaido, the Shibuya Daemon leader or some sort of guardians or whatever XD
My party ask him about Naoya whereabouts. But, he doesnt know and see Naoya
Ah! There's an interesting system, Devil Auction!
I've been wondering.... how will i get a new demon for my team. I only have 1 demon for each team, need an additional of 1 demon. So, we get demons from The Auction. It's pretty fun ^^

The demons have rating, the higher stars rating the better demons you will get. If i win the auction, i can rise my auction rating and better demons will showed up in the auction
The Auction last for 5 seconds (Usually i bide at < 1 second)
If there are 2 final biders, i usually rise the price 20-30 macca from the last point
And i got what i want! Pretty fun!
Result: I win biding 3 demons (5 stars each), and my rating was 4
I go to Shinjuku and meet with Keisuke, Atsuro's friend. Keisuke helped Atsuro a lot at middle school. He know my Death Clock number plus his number is 1 (He will die tomorrow)
He go away after saw my Death Clock number, what a rude person -_-
Next, Omotesando... I meet with Gin, an indie singer and Yuzu seems have acquitance with him. He is Haru's guardian and Yuzu often hears Haru's sing. His DC number is 6
Last one, Roppongi... Haru is singing! And Yuzu melts hearing it XD
Haru used to be in a band called D-Va, but she's going solo now because Aya (her partner, i think) went to other country
Haru's DC number is 0

Shibuya... i see Naoya. While the party is chasing him, some demons appear.... After i win, Naoya has already gone.

There's new system, Crack Skill. I can learn skill from the demons. Each skills have their own pre-requisite, ie If Hero has STR +5, i can use the Hero's Aid (Critical rate up 25%)
But, one skill for 1 character only. That's very unfortunately
Plus 1 demon in my team can learn any command skills which have already been registered in the comp if i have enough Magnetite. The more effective i defeat demons, the more magnetite i get.

Based on Laplace email, my party will be murdered by a snowman at 13.00 in Chiyodaku Bunkyo. That's why when i arrive at the park, they feel cool eventhough actually it's in summer season & open air. That's because there's this Wendigo Lol. He's pretty tough. After i win, my DC number changed to number 2. Yup, they have changed their own fate

Akihabara... I meet Keisuke and he said that no one within the Yamanote circle had more than 6 days to live! Well, there would be some kind of catastrophe after 6 days. And none of the SDF guards have any DC readings at all alias they wont die.

New system! The SMT special system, Fusion! Ha3 I thought there wouldnt be this system Lol
I can only fusioning 2 demons only
Next i meet with Midori the Dolly aka cosplayer (costume player) as anime character. Atsuro dosent know her but Yuzu knows her because she's rather popular, i think. Her DC number is 1

There's this Shomonkai orgz making speech in Shiba park and there's Amane in there. Interesting fact... Atsuro said that Amane is the Hero's type ^^
And... It was the Shomonkai who asked Naoya to make that COMP!
For what? *curious*)Roppongi... there's a conversation between Haru and Azuma (I dont know who he is). Azuma asked whether Haru wanted to relay on Shomonkai and he was offering a help, just in case if she needs one

Okay, the Hero hear a song then demons appear surrounding Haru and one of the demon said to relinquish Haru's power to his master. Haru has this comp-like device, called sequencer but it run out of batteries.
She summon her demons by singing in sync with the sequencer which she borrowed from Aya 6 months ago
She is whispering something to Hero, the hero has dangerous smell (Whoah, what could that be?)
Since i save Haru, her DC number changed from number 0 to 2

In the Cemetery there are miasmas where the demons appear and in the center of it, there's a comp. The miasma disappear when the comp destroyed.

-End of 1st day-