Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Synopsis #1

Am ending Tierkreis, then proceed with Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

Well, pretty interesting so far. Let's get started
The story begin with the buddies, Hero, Yuzu, and Atsuro. All of them are 2nd grade high schoolers and having their summer holidays. They gather in Shibuya because Hero's cousin, Naoya, wanted to give them something.
That something is Communication Player aka COMPs which is looked like an NDS to me Lol.
There are email in comp which contains news telling incidents that havent happened yet.
Later on, the incident inside the email really come true
Atsuro hack the comps, but suddenly the demons pop out and it's battle time....

It's a turned base game Lol, i dun like it
1 demon pop out from each of the comp, make it a total 3 demons
Yuzu deals with Pixie
Atsuro deals with Kabuso
Hero deals with Kobold
If a demon who summoned by someone could defeat him/her, the demon will get its freedom.
If a demon who summoned by someone defeated by him/her, he/she will become its master (Some sort of contract)

Everytime a character defeat a demon, he/she will get exp and money (macca)
Everytime i win a battle/mission, my characters and their demons will get exp (sometimes) and macca
Everytime a character/demon get levelled up, 1 point will be added to one of ur stats automatically. Except mine, which can be arranged by myself
The stats are very simple, STR, MGC, VIT, and AGL
After i win the battle, there is this number 7 in everyone's head but the 3 protagonists' is number 1. Plus only hero who can see the numbers
When they want to meet with Naoya, an email come from Naoya telling them to go to Aoyama Cemetery where they will meet someone who will affect their future actions. That someone is Amane, a maiden of Shomonkai
Btw, it seems that for battle, there are 4 team, which consist 1 human and 2 demons each
Humans and Demons have their own skills or magics, the magics are very SMT-ish (Zio, Agi, Dia, etc)
This Amane is a strong fellow, she is all alone in her team and she has higher mgc lvl skill. She is carrying a comps too
After the battle... suddenly a blackout! Pop! Amane tell those 3 to stay put in the cemetery and she also put a barrier so that the demons couldnt see them

That's all for the prologue. Next time, i will proceed with 1st Day ^^