Friday, April 9, 2010

Luminous Arc 3 Renders and New Official Wallpapers

Yesterday I lurked at Squarenix next great story, Nier, and Wow! What a heavy flash website Lol. I have ripped the renders. Damn! it's a HR version, including the 2D and 3D version of the characters. Will soon uploading it after i finished with Luminous 3, Tonelico 3, Rorona, and FF XIII. Just be patient ^^
For today, i want to finish up Luminous Arc 3 renders and wallpapers. There are lot of  characters in there and each main characters have 8 renders Lol. Luckily it doesnt larger than 600 px XD. And there are lot of new wallpapers eh

Luminous Arc 3 Renders, including characters:
Ashley, Bito, Bona, Dhino, Eruru, Flan, Glen, Haine, Hina, Hiyo, Inaruna, Kirika, Miria, Oru, Raira, Refi, Rin, Rotta, Samansa, Sara, Sion, Vare, Yuu

Download Link: Media Fire
File Size: 27.5 MB

Luminous Arc 3 New Official Wallpapers
Source: Luminous Arc 3 Official Website
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