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Magna Carta II Story and Characters Info

Hey guys!
I’ve just realized that the Story and Characters info in wikipedia about Magna Carta II is taken from the Official Visual Book Lol
Wiki only stuck at Schuenzheit’s info, isnt it? I have more characters info to share and I add some missing info that wiki dont state in green color. It’s a spoiler free, only about their personality and past story ^^

Over a thousand years, the land was restored to its former glory. Its many races lived in peace and harmony.
But the shadows of war were closing in.
It all began when Queen Ibrin of the Kingdom of Lanzheim was assassinated at the hands of Prime Minister Schuenzeit.
Schuenzeit's audacity knew no bounds.
He imprisoned the queen's only daughter, Princess Rzephillda, then usurped the royal crown. One by one, he had all who opposed him put to death.
It was during this time that Princess Rzephillda, through great hardship, managed to escape.
She fled south to the city of Abazet, and joined forces with its ruler, Count Alex.
They formed the Southern Forces Army under the banner of "liberation", and rose up in revolt against Schuenzeit's own Northern Forces Army, composed of former Lanzheim Army troops.

In the year 1150 of the Lanzheim Calendar, Schuenzeit launched an exhaustive campaign to stamp out the Southern Forces Army, resulting in the outbreak of the Lanzheim Civil War.
At first, the South – fighting to see the restoration of the throne – fought fiercely, and forced the Northern Forces Army back to their capital at Belfort.
In triumph, the Southern Forces Army set forth toward the capital. They did not know that Schuenzeit was there waiting for them, with an army of living weapons known as "Sentinels".
What followed was absolute slaughter.

With no way to counter the creatures' awesome power, the Southern Forces Army was forced to retreat, back to their stronghold of Abazet.
Princess Rzephillda founded the elite Counter-Sentinel Unit and took to the battlefield herself, but it was not enough to turn the tide of the battle.
In desperation Rzephillda sent her bodyguard Rue to Belfort to discover how Sentinels are made.
Rue found what she was looking for but was discovered by the Northern Forces Army in the process.
Rzephillda set out to Belfort to save Rue.

Finally reunited, Rzephillda and Rue make their way for home, evading the enemies' persistent attempts to track them.
But at last, they found standing in their path the notorious northern general, Elgar "The Regicide".
Rue drew her sword to defend the Princess, but the difference in power was obvious.
Elgar raised his sword to deal the finishing blow to Rue.

Juto (Male - Swordsman - Counter-Sentinel Unit Member)
The young protagonist of the game. Juto is an amnesiac. With no knowledge of his past, he settled down into a normal life on Highwind Island, until his life was turned upside-down by the war. Melissa, who gave him the name Juto, has been like a big sister to him ever since he came to Highwind Island without his memory. Though very outgoing in his personality. Juto can be very childish at times, particularly when it comes to taking orders from others.

Zephie (Female - Wind Wizard - Counter-Sentinel Unit Leader)
Rzephillda Grena Berlinette
The game's heroine, she is the rightful heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Lanzheim, which was stolen by a usurper. She now leads the Counter-Sentinel Unit, a special unit of the Southern Forces Army, in the hope of one day retrieving her throne and restoring peace to the empire. The hardships she has experienced, such as her mother's assassination and her subsequent imprisonment, have lent her an unusually cool and unshakable demeanor for a girl her age – she even seems older than Juto. The reason she represses her true emotions is for the sake of the many complicated roles she plays.
She has a strong sense of responsibility and is willing to put her life on the line for her cause. She has a kind and caring side as well and always shows concern for those around her. She judges herself harshly and her patience and self-sacrifice know no bounds.

Rue (Female - Lightning Wizard - Counter-Sentinel Unit Member)
Siara Rue Tessia
Her full name is Siara Rue Tessia, but after she became Zephie's bodyguard, she started calling herself "Rue". She is older and more mature than her childish appearance would suggest – the exact opposite of Celestine. Having trained from a young age to be Zephie's bodyguard, she has learned to repress her emotions, and to always act in a level-headed manner. Clever, cunning, and fearless, her training has given her a black and white view of the world. As a result, she dislikes breaking rules and promises, and has a hard time seeing things from another person's perspective.
She is currently trying to improve this aspect of herself.

Crocell Reeden (Male - Fire Wizard - Counter-Sentinel Unit Member)
A young fire wizard in the Counter-Sentinel Unit, Crocell may look like a cute little boy, but he has a rude way of speaking, and he's not afraid to speak out about anything he doesn't like. He has a hard time getting close to people or being honest with himself, but he's very good at pushing other people's buttons – a trait that often leads him into conflict with the short-tempered Juto.
Though a slave to his emotions, he’s a courageous young man with a strong sense of justice, even if his kindness tends to take forms that no one can see. One of his daily pleasures is teasing the amnestic Juto  for being like a child who knows nothing about the world.
He lost his parents and his little sister in the war, and hates the Northern Forces Army because of it.
Although he fights more fiercely than anyone, he takes no real pride in being part of the Southern Forces Army.

Celestine Roaa (Female | Ice Wizard | Archer)
A lively, high-spirited Mare girl. The Mare people look just like humans, but their lifespan is a little under 40 years. They reach physical maturity at the age of 10, and remain young-looking until they die. Psychologically speaking, though, they mature at the same rate as humans do, so even though Celestine's has the body of an adult, her mind is still that of a young girl. As such, she always speaks her mind, and expresses her true feelings without hesitation – with Celestine, what you see is what you get.
Her youth and inexperience can lead her to be too trusting of others, but she can be extremely driven when she has a goal in her sights. She likes to use her abilities as an ice wizard in the battlefield.

Argo Kindu (Male | Warrior | Counter-Sentinel Unit Member)
A warrior of the long-lived Trewa race. Argo has a massive body as hard as a rock. Level-headed, patient, and responsible, he often plays the role of mediator during arguments. A very responsible person, he's usually slow to anger – though if he does lose his temper, he becomes like an unstoppable inferno. He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of Lanzheim, and seems far wiser and more knowledgeable than other Trewa of the same age.
He does not like to assert himself, preferring to listen to the opinions of others. He hopes to see the war end so that he can go back to a life of peace; though an excellent fighter, he has little stomach for combat.

Igton Pin (Male - Avis Mechanic)
A survivor of the machine-building Avis race. Though the Avis’ home was destroyed in a war many years earlier, they have somehow managed to rebuild from scratch. Optimistic & jovial, he is at his cheeriest in the darkest of circumstances. Since he speaks so quickly, he often leaves the people around him even more annoyed. Though he was raised without any particular hardship, witnessing the brutality of war has left him yearning to go to La Strada. Nevertheless, he has decided to live his life cheerfully and without care, and never gets carelessly angry.

Melissa Tiss (Female - Swordsman)
With a protective attitude and the abilities to back it up, Melissa leads the Highwind Island Guard. She met the lost, amnesiac Juto while she was away in tarining, and, seeing that he was alone in the world, took him back to the village with her. Her cool and disciplined character is a match for her father, who was a soldier as well. She has been living alone since her father died, and saw Juto’s arrival in her life as a chance to start a new family. Melissa is sunny and approachable, but also decisive and formidable, and willing to put her life on the line for what she believes. She is good at hiding her own weakness, and does not put her trust in others.

Alex Laimon Roodo (Male - Supreme Commander of the Southern Forces Army)
Ruler of Abazet and the leader of the Southern Forces Army. Alex holds the rank of Count. On the surface, he seems calm and mild-mannered, polite, and considerate of others. He also has a soft way of speaking. Nevertheless, prior to the war – despite being the ruler of the largest city in southern Lanzheim – he was so disliked by the higher-ranking nobles in Belfort that he was effectively barred from entering the capital.

Raud Tesura Mahan (Male - Commander of the Southern Forces Army)
Though cool and decisive, Raud possesses a determination which borders on inflexibility – until he comes up against a situation he cant control, at which point he folds completely. His loyalty to the Lanzheim Royal Familty is unwavering, and ever since enlisting in the Southern Forces Army, he has been keeping watch over Zephie – to the point that she’s had to scold him about it. He hates Schuenzeit for starting this war, and wants to see it over as quickly as possible, with Zephie on the throne.

Schuenzeit Baren (Male - Supreme Commander of the Northern Forces Army)
Formerly the Prime Minister of Lanzheim, he assassinated the queen and usurped her throne three years prior. Grave and solemn, his very presence demands deference from those around him. Even when he seems to be acting at ease, his peculiar charisma makes it impossible for others to drop their guard. Cool-headed and crafyt, there is no limit to the cruelty he is capable of if it helps him achieve his goals. He is said to be a peerless swordsman, but no one has ever seen him in action.

Elgar (Warrior of the Northern Forces Army)
The strongest and most feared warrior of the entire Northern Forces Army. Elgar is excessively cruel, and thinks nothing of taking lives – a fact which makes him an excellent killing tool. He is perfectly aware of his own superiority, and looks down on his opponents with haughty turns of phrase and an appropriately domineering manner. The only exception is Schuenzeit, towards whom he is uncharacteristically polite, but although he follows Schuenzeit’s orders faithfully, he shows little interest in his plans, or in the civil war itself.

Claire Setilan (Female - Schuenzeit’s Liutenant)
Claire has been raised by Schuenzeit ever since she was abandoned by her family as a young girl. She is like a shadow wherever Schuenzeit goes, and would gladly throw away her life for him. Cold and cynical, she sees Schuenzeit as the only person worthy of even basic courtesy. Her graceful wit makes her appear to be the complete package of brains and beauty, but deep down, she is a proud nad jealous woman. However, she is more than capable of keeping her emotions under control for the sake of her dignity. She does not often appear on the battlefield, but when she does, her commanding, seductive figure – and superlative combat ability – causes her stand out.

Huaren Joss (Male - Chief Sentinel Researcher)
The man who leads the Northern Forces Army’s Sentinel research. His research on the living weapon was made possible by Schuenzeit’s support. His body was once that of an ordinary man, but in using himself as a test subject for his experiments, he turned himself into a monster. He is consumed by his own research, and cares about nothing else in the world. He has a docile, optimistic character, but his lack of hestitation – even pleasure – as he engages in his heartless research is something truly to be feared.

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Suikoden Tierkreis Synopsis #5

Completing some quests
There are interesting facts among them.
Hotupa's quest
Diadora said that "Rarohenga" meant "hell" in her world's language, but that's what it means in Wanderer language, too. Do you mind if I look into her background a bit?
Answer: "Diadora" is an allias but she didnt want to tell us her real name XD

Moana's quest
Our ancestors came to this world with a fusion, so part of our original world should be here somewhere, right? But we have no idea where! I really wonder about that.
Answer: Wahie said that the Wandere's world was fused to that world, but it got fused on top of it with other world
(Wow! Double fusion?)

Recruiting Kow-Low and Rufa
Kow-Low go to Rarohenga because there's a little girl go to the ruin and he worries about her. After I find this little girl whose name is "Rufa", she actually can make the monsters in the ruin run with tail between their legs. She only says "Bye2" to them Lol.
Recruiting Enumclaw
Yeah, the Indian-look dude. Well he said that the Formless Demon appeared when the condition between 2 worlds is unstable. Yup, the monsters appear near the world fusion
After i recuited him, i talk with him in Zenoa's area. "So, Tensyo Star is in here too eh?"
Guess who is the Tensyo Star? It's Belemuel Lol, the creepy silent dude. (I wonder what their relationship is)

I missed Namna cih. He is annoying. And he is the only that i couldnt recruit. Only lack of 1 SOD u_u
So, am lazy to type all of the story progress, will only type the interesting parts only from now on

There are meeting among Diadora, Ordovic, Diulf, and Zenoa
The first 3 have experiences of fighting the One King. Them, plus Zenoa said that the king could be beaten if they have the power of all stars. Yeah, the 108 SOD

Meeting with Atrie
Remember that he is looking for a friend of his. Actually his friend has married and had a kid. But there's a Gateway accident when it was a baby and the the kid transported to other place. (OMG! The hero?)
But, Atrie said that if the kid is still alive, he could be the same age as Atrie (Huh? So, the kid is Atrie? So confusing @_@ or Atrie's age is the same as Hero? IDK)

Time to attack Cynas! This is my hero's party
Asad's party
Chrodechild's party
Diulf's party
It seem that Valfred Using the Rarohenga's chronicle to summons Rarohenga monsters and turned Macoute to a "windbag" monster
Meeting with Beardsley and he turn into a monster too, but he didnt look wierd like Macoute
Battling Valfred but the 12th world has appeared (near Cynas, I think). After i beaten him up then the King came.... from a door Lol with bringing the TrueC. in his hand
Battling the king, but my damage result is only 0. Then the Shining Legacy glows again just like when i battling Valfred in Rarohenga. I think i can take him down, but unfortunately my damage is only 1 Lol
The TrueC. glows, then.....
I returned in Citro Village with my first outfit?! Marica said that tomorrow was my 15th b'day and that day they (the 4 main heroes) had this Eastern Hill patrol
Tomorrow morning.... the same thing happen again. Marica said that tomorrow was my 15th b'day and that day they had this eastern patrol (Well u know, a looping day)
The 3rd day is still the same, but instead of patroling the Hero goes to my castle. Feeling familiar, then remembers that the last scene was battling with the king. The other 3 heroes come too and feel the same feeling. Then one by one the SOD come to my castle, The wanderers, Erin, porpos-kin, Astrasia ppl, etc. They have the same looping day too, a single day of "peace and happiness" repeating itself forever....
The hero said that maybe it was the One King's world, the same 24 hours were played over & over, nothing unexpected would ever happen.
Suddenly the hero is glowing (Am not sure whether it's a chronicle or not) then my hero's outfit is back!
Well, everything is back to normal and the hero plann to look around out of the castle.

Okay, my first visit is Cynas. And wow!
It's surrounded with fog and 12 pillars. Hero want to go in there but Diadora prevent me of doing that, because it can be The King's world within the fog and we must prepare ourselves before entering
Hmm.... checking by a little and it seems i can still recruit Namna!!! Horay!! 108 SOD!! Whoah, hope it's not too late to get the True ED ^^
Because i should have recruited all of the SOD before attacking Cynas
Hmm.... when i recruited Namna, he said about the final battle in Cynas but actually it's done already. Which means.... he can be recruited before i attacked Cynas!!!!!
*Reloads my save point*
Hell yeah, i can recruit him. *sighs* I must repeat all of those battles u_u

Okay, i'm done. Let's continue
And hey! I find an interesting scene, the Bad Ending....
Well, remembered that the king could be beaten if they had the power of all stars. Yeah, The bad ED is.....
The hero is using the 108 stars to defeat the King. All of them (except Hero) turned into a small thing, Hero says "I'm sorry, everyone"
That thing gone and flop.... The hero turn into the One King and says "One world. One future"
(Oh my... how can that be?)

And just as i thought, the more you have chronicles the more damage that you can give to the one king
Mubal and Manaril said that the Chronicle of Shining Legacy was glowing when i fought One King, and that's when i can gave 1 damage to him. I have 10 chronicles back then. We've just got the 11th chronicle (Diadora picked it up when battling the king in Cynas) and .... let's find the 12th one in the 12th world.
The 12th world looks like Cynas but... it has became a ruin including the Tower of the Way. Well you can say, other world's Cynas is coming to my world. I think this world's BGM is pretty good ^^
At the top of the tower lies the chronicle, but i must defeat a monster first
When Hero touched the book, there's someone who left a message for starbearers in other worlds.
He asked us to destroy the One King.
The One King will descend after completing the ritual. But, with the power of 12 Chronicles, we will know that the king isnt that strong nor invisible
Even though they knew about it, it was too late then ..... Kaboom"

Okay, last day before attacking Cynas, scenes with my SOD...
First, Maybelle
She tries to sneak into my room to speak with me before the big day, but Jale nabbs her
May: Hey, what's your problem?
Jale: Your everyday behavior (Lol)

Second, Chrodechild and Fredegund (in the Grand Hall)
F: Do u think we have a chance of winning tomorrow?
C: I suppose. We dont know until we try
F: You are starting just like Hero (lol)
Well, Fre just asked whether she could fight alongside Child tomorrow. And the sis didnt mind it

Asad (outside the Grand Hall)
..... Is outside of the Grand Hall. His conversation is very funny ROFL
Actually he wants to talk to Chrodechild but it seems that she doesnt want to be bothered. Asad thought that Meruvis was his biggest obstacle. But, he is beginning to think that Fredegund is his biggest obsatcle (Aha... ha.... Funny!)

10 years ago there's a Magedom captain who always the first to know everything (That's Luvais for you)

Third, Ritterschild ppl
Wow! I enter the room and Buchse shoot at me Lol. He thought that i was someone else
Minen: It's all Tsaubern's fault!
He took a look at Buchse and said... "You always look so bored. Why dont u try laughing for a change?"
And then Tsaubern went around behind Buchse and tickled his ribs (That bastard Lol).
Geschutz: And after having fun making Buchse squeal, he went away laughing loudly (A crazy bastard then Lol)
Buchse: He disgraced me...!

Talk to them again
Geschutz said that it was not a Belfar's soldier habit to let someone behind their back. But, Tsaubern is using an unique art with high speed to piss off Buchse
And it's not a Belfar's soldier manner to attack someone that you dont know (Buchse shoot me after entering the room Lol)

Fourth, IcasxMorin
It seems that womanizer is trying to speak with all of the beatifull ladies before the final battle. And Morin is trying to look for him

Black Blade's Room
He is teaching the dudes about war and battle. Meruvis with more exp should do it, but sometimes he was hard to understand Lol
I think he admires Roberto a little XD
All of that Roberto said was the Hero and it seems Roberto has a sense of rivalry towards Hero
Balsam helped him to take off his mask and said that Icas-Morin were helpless Lol

When he and Diulf were competing the throne, Cougar went to the ruin and told him to back down so that the tribe didnt divide

He said that 15 years ago his wife found a baby in the valley north of the village, which is fusioning with a forest now. The place she found hero was exactyly in the castle
So, it is true that Hero is the baby who lost because of the Gateway accident, not Atrie

She dare to left Jale in the village alone because Hero and Marica were there to take a look at Jale so that he wont be lonely. And plus not forgetting Liu, she adds

Awww.... he is waiting Savina for making him a lunch. Savina never cooked before though

He has a treat for me! A forbidden music which can put my moral to the maximum. However...
"Since you're giving me a look that could kill, maybe I'd better not" (Aha... ha.... funny)

Diulf and Vaslof
Diulf know Vaslof from Cougar's story and i think both of them are admiring each other plus they like snow in their drinks Lol

He plans to tell his grandma and grandfa everything about the lost of Magedom of Janam
She wants to befriend with Sophia

Liu Shen cast as the Elder is far from than he expected. Actually Low-Kwan has her eyes over Liu for the Elder position. When Liu wanted to know more about outside world and broke the Scribes' rules, that's when he has been qualified.
Scribes arent originally from the Noslaw Woods. They went there to hide from Valfread. Their original place where they came with fusion is.... Cynas!!!! (Shocking)

Lathilda, Savina, and Maybelle want to cook for their beloved, but Wustum forbiddens them from entering his castle... the kitchen XD

It seems that Hina and Xebec are pretty close
And Muro likes farming? Lol

After telling other worlds about beating the King with the power of 12 Chronicles, there's an interesting fact.... The other worlds' SOD are going to face the king tomorrow too (eh?!)

Why there are so many starbearers? They are stars who light a world's future paths. If the world had only 1 path, there would only be 1 star. The rest, i'll leave it to your imagination (darnit!)

30 years ago, he tried to get rid of Sphiel. She is an easy trusting one. Dogha befriendly with her to get close then when she knew his ultering move, she cried out and never appeared in front of him again -_-

He likes high place and he want to view from the Tower of the Way after winning the final battle.
"OH, Buchse? Yes, I tickled him! And what an amusing reaction he had" (I want to see that one Lol)

Sotah's knowledge. Read some of his info before the final battle.
Remember my Hotupa's request about Diadora

Travel's Origin - Diadora is a Wanderer, so her Endless Travels was the Wanderer's Chronicle (that makes sense Lol)
Mayula - War Priesstess who serves Imperial General Daigoh (One of the 7 Imperial Generals of the Empire of the North Star). Fine swordswoman. Reffered to as "princess", so of Imperial Family? (Wow! Yula is a princess of the North Star and a war priesstess?)
Halnish Family - Family of head of 6 Court Nobles of Ritterschild. The heir of this family is purpoted to like high places (That's Tsaubern. Yes, that's right)

Okay, time to end the travel. And this is the night scene, Sisuca is singing but no voice from the song Lol

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Final Fantasy Gallery (UPDATE)

Time to post up my Final Fantasy XIII Wallpapers!
Yes, only half of it. Four wallies with many sizes, wide screen & PSP are available too. Plus signatures, no avatars.

There's something that i'm kinda regret for... That's....
I didnt make the bigger sizes (1920 x 1200 and 1600 x 1200) even though i had the high resolution renders. Fool of me -_-

Well, this is the first time am making wallpapers with various sizes, so maybe the way i cut rather wierd & stupid XD. The original size is 1280 x 1024. When i cut it to the WS version, it's..... look very bad puff

Am not done with Cid wallies, so i will post the last four wallies later if i'm done with it. I have made the 1280 x 1024 version, but i havent converted it to other sizes.


Final Fantasy I
Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy IV
PS: Feel free to download the wallies & if you use any of the signatures, dont forget to give credits. Thanks ^^

More FF XIII wallpapers in here
You can download all of my FF XIII wallpapers including all of the sizes in Media Fire
The link has been removed
Adding my few FF avatars

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Suikoden Tierkreis Synopsis #4

Last save was Recruiting Yomi and Chihaya. Now.... Proceed to the next SOD, Namna and i fail Lol. Well, maybe next time. Continue with the story......
I go to the Physician's Room and Diadora said that Sophia wanted to talk with me. And it's about.....
The One King was to descend to this world after taking in 5 other worlds. But, the dessert was the 10th world. It has passed 5 worlds already
The chronicle buried inside Sophia is the 10th False Chronicle, The Chronicle of Boundless Amber. She wants me to touch it. In the flashback.....
There was someone who said that if they fused the 12th world, they would complete the ritual to save their world which should be vanished. Hmmm.... A ritual to save a world that would otherwise vanish.
Sophia said that Valfred wanted to complete the ritual then .... she get a headache. Ugh!

Out of the room, Marica told me to help Liu? Huh? And looks what we've got here.... an intruder, the "Jerk" (you know who it is)
He take Liu as a hostage and force Liu to give up his Chronicle (That's why I didnt look Liu's tatoo at that time). That "jerk" want a 1 on 1 duel with me. Ohohoho... he wont stand a chance against me Lol
Heh.... Now i get it why he take Liu's Chronicle, that's because the Scribe's Chronicle can neutralize other chronicles' power alias he use it so that i couldnt use my marks. Really nice XD
Okay, i hit him 3 times then the battle stop. He laugh because I look powerlees without the chronicle. But, the hero said he want to save the world and became angry because he tought of jerk as his brother but he didnt realize it. The battle continues....
I hit him 2 times and that's the end of it, a piece of cake puff XD
My castle.... There are rays of light around my caslte! No!!! That Valfred want to fuse my castle with the 11th world!!!!
WTH?! Sophia said that Valfred capable to fuse the world on his own. That's why the 1 week that we afraid of is nothing?
Valfred is using the FalseC. to alter the TruC. and fuse the worlds? That... Bastard!!!

Hero and Liu want to escape via Gateway to Pharamond but it's no use, the Gate wont work?
Hmmm... Dirk says something interesting considering the fusion of Magedom. The dessert of other world's appeared in Magedom but it didnt banish the whole Magedom and Salsabil. There were still ruins of the Magedom and Salsabil was saved. Why? That's because someone in Magedom use the Chronicle to resist the fusion. But since he/she didnt have enough power, the fusion only proceed half away and moved to north, saving Salsabil. Could it be Rizwan?
If i had a FalseC. that hasnt been used by Valfred, i could save my castle. And that's the Scribe's Chronicle! (Liu's chronicle)
So.... Dirk has planned it from the beginning to help Hero
He uses the Scribe's and Furious Roar's Chronicle to prevent the 11th world, then he died...... A very touching scene
Sophia said that out of the 11 worlds, 4 of those were chosen by the One King? Nice
And Diadora spot the 11th world, near the Woodland Village, called Rarohenga alias "Hell". That means.... there's a new FalseC. in that new world, so let's check it out.....
Recruiting Tigre
It's very simple, put Diulf in my party then he said to Tigre that the Order was getting more evil and we needed more men. It's just that simple lol

Recruiting Mun-Tsang
This one is interesting, I approach her then she said that I possessed a chronicle and asked whether i was in the "X" Company. HTH did she know Lol?
Mun: Is it true that "X" Company 's tactician is the elder Scribe?
Hero: Yeah, that's right
M: I see...
*goes away*

I accept her Quest, I go with Liu to meet her in the Castle's entrance
Hero: Ah! It was that woman after all!
Liu: You're the one who wants to see me?
Mun: The Chronicle of Tatau Council -- You must be Liu-Shen, the Elder Scribe.
L: And you...? Are u a Scribe?
M: I am *opens her mask*
L: What?!
H: What're those red tattoos?
L: You are.... An exile! (Wooo.....)
M: That is true. I am Mun-Tsang. These red tattoos mark the criminals who are forever banished from the woods.
L: So... What do u want with me?
M: I wanted to confirm something
L: Confirm....?
M: Something happened before you were born, or just after. I doubt you remember it.
Back then, I suggested the Scribe go forth from the woods, so that we might actively resist the Order.
But none of the tribe, even honored Low-Kwan, would lend their ears to what I had to say.
So I tried to steal the Tatau Chronicle from the Low-Kwan and become the elder. (What?! o.O You are a freakin crazy woman! XD)
L: You did what?!
M: And as a result... These red marks became mine to bear. Forbidden from returning to the woods, I wandered about the lands for decades contemplating my crime. And yet .... Liu-Shen.
You are doing what it is I intended to do. You have left the woods & are resisting the Order
What's more, you were accepted by Elder & formally given the Chronicle (Ah! I got the point here ^^)
Why was I cast out & why were u accepted? That is what I want to know. (Because u tried to kill the Elder, you crazy Scribe! XD)
Liu-shen. Prove it to me.
L: It's not that simple...
M: If u cannot, then I shall take back the Tatau Chronicle.
L: What?!
*1 on 1 fights between Liu and Tsang* A very easy battle XD
M: You are stronger than me
L: It's not that i got choosen because of that
M: Then, what are our differences?
Luo-Tao: It would seem you havent changed a bit Mun-Tsang.
The very fact that u think that u & Liu are the same is why the Elder denied u.
M: What?!
T: For example... Liu already had many friends when he returned to the woods. But u r alone. As it was then, it is now.
Do u honestly not know what that signifies?
M: Argh! *goes away again*

I meet her again in Fort Arc where Liu saved Sophia. Tsang asked why would he save a girl and even she is one of the enemy. He couldnt help it, because Hero told Liu to save Sophia and like he had other choices. Tsang finally understand the differ. That's because Liu live with many friends and she want to live like that. She asked whether she could join or not. Then, i get her ^^
Recruiting Keflen and Belemuel
Am not pretty understand with their story. But, the chronicle that i've just got -the Boundless Amber- Keflen told me to bring it to the ruin in Janam Dessert. At the dungeon, suddenly appear Belemuel in the same way that Zenoa did. Keflen and Bele fought One King in their world but their world was destroyed by the King. I think....
I dont know who Bele is, but Hero asked whether he knew Zenoa or not. He didnt answer it -_- *sighs*

Lurking at my castle then talking with SOD's
Hmmm... I've just knew that i could change my Window in 3rd floor Lol XD
Whoah! This place is so red........ like hell!. Oh yeah, my team was:

Hero (47)
Sophia (38) Cant remove
Guntram (42)
Luo-Tao (42)
Support: Sotah

Both Hero and Sophia have this strange feeling upon entering Rarohenga and Sophia says that the strange feeling was because there's something happened with the 11th world's chronicle (Wow! what could that be? *curious*)
Recruiting Hao-Shi
Whoah whoah, he hates Liu to the core Lol because he left the village to resist the Order. But, in my conversation there's something interesting. Hao Shi sais that it was Scribes who had given the TrueC. to Valfred
Liu: Our former chief met with Valfred back when our world was fused to this one. At that time, he said he wanted to minimize the damage brought about by fusion. The Scribes knew a great deal about Chronicle, so they told him of the TrueC. & helped him find it. (Hmmm.... that means the Scribes Village could be one of the first 4 worlds to be fused in Hero's world)
Shi: But after that, Valfred began to use it for evil. He spread deception throughout the world based on indfrmation from the Chronicle. False prophecy, lies, and the One True Way. Then he founded the Order in an aim for world domination.
Our tribe regrets giving Scribal knowledge to the humans, & to avoid making the same mistake....
We have decided to hide in the deep woods -- refusing all contact with the outside world. (Hoo.... so that's the reason huh?)
This old man is kinda stubborn eh?

Quest: Rarohenga's monsters are coming towards Scribes Village. Hero and Liu are coming to the rescue. Hao Shi doesnt like with Liu's order but after fighting some monsters, his heart moves a little. Still doesnt accept Liu as the Elder, but want to stop Valfred's evilness

It seems that there would be lot of Strike-weak monsters in Rarohenga & since Guntram Luo have reached lvl50 , so am editing my team:

Hero (50)
Sophia (50) Cant remove
Jale (45) -My only favorite fist-type character plus his mother-
Tsaubern (43) -Actually i want to bring Asad, but his taste on Chrodechild is Urgh!!!-
Support: Sotah

Re-enter Rarohenga, a scene .... Hmph! Valfred has already waitting for me in the edge of the dungeon
Valfred: I'm only trying to bring the One True Way to fruition -- nothing more. And it shall be done by fusing this world with that of the One King.
Hero: What r u saying? I thought u and ur ilk believed it'll happen when the King arrives. I dont believe that for a second
V: Nor do I
H: What?!
V: Surely the king will descend on this world at some point -- making it vanish and leaving but a remnant. Just as with the Auster Folk, Porpos, & all other worlds that were fused to this one.
H: I knew it
V: However, if we can take in the 12th world, & invite the King before that occurs...
This world will not have to vanish at all, yet it will become a single entity with the King's world!
Sophia: Is that.... the "ritual" you speak of?
V: Correct

Valfred hopes that hero would stop fighting and wait until the 12th world fusion. The Order's principles is the requirement to enter the King's world. Ah! He has found the 11th world's Chronicle too.V: The poeple of this world (Rarohenga) have many ways to resist the King which lead to this world's demise
V: The instantaneous death of thousands, no -- of tens of millions. Every detail was recorded in the TrueC. of this world. But a detailed account of so many deaths was quite heavy for a single chronicle, so it's a bit contorted.
S: And this contortion was projected into reality, causing the world itself to be twisted?
V: Correct. If u continue fighting, the same thing could very well happen again

Battle with Valfred. He's targeting Sophia! Damn! My attacks didnt work against him because he carries the 11th Chronicle, the TrueC. of Rarohenga world and my FalseC. ineffective against it.
The Chronicle of Shining Legacy is glowing? Huh? What could that be?
Valfred is mumbling that it could be because of Sophia's marks from the TrueC. or because Valfred is only a human who couldnt control the TruC.'s power. Then he goes away with the 11th Chronicle
Recruiting Zayin
Hero (51)
Guntram (50)
Luo-Tao (50)
Yod (10)
Support: Balsam

Interesting.... Zayin is a robot and has similar basic system with Yod. Balsam is trying to turn it on.
Balsam was teached by a mentor who has a vast knowledge about that and the mentor didnt tell Balsam where did he came from (It could be the mentor was from the original 11th world)
Zayin is the 7th unit of his kind who was created to resist One King. But these units didnt approve to resist the King because the 11th world's people have made more accurate experiment to resist One King. But, this new experiment turned to destroy the original 11th world. Poor them.....