Thursday, December 3, 2009

Samurai Warriors 3

Samurai Warriors 3 for Nintendo Wii only (I believe it will be ported to PC) is released today at 3 December 2009
Featuring 37 playable characters
New Characters

Kuroda Kanbei
His pale face and crystal ball made him looked like a necromancer to me
The only new female character in SW3 *sighs*
Wielding the whip sword which is similar with Ivy from Soul Calibur and Hanbei Takenaka from Sengoku Basara
Her hair style is kinda looked like the rocker hair style from 70's but her red flower hairpin is a nice accessories
Kato Kiyomasa
Finally, a scythe wielder dude. But he doesnt look that cool

Hojo Ujiyasu
His face scars made him looked like a mafia boss
Mori Motonari
He doesnt look handsy and his crossbow weapon looks standard to me
Tachibana Muneshige
The only handsy new character in SW3. Cool outfit and handsy face, definetly played his Story Mode first (among the new characters) if i had Nintendo Wii and the game XD
Takenaka Hanbei
Hmph... Many people like Hanbei and Motonari from Sengoku Basara, so i wouldnt that surprised if they would be the new characters in SW3. Then so be it -_-
A gaki huh, but he has this babyface and unique weapon. Second character to play among the new characters ^^

Returning Characters
Sanada Yukimura
Well, this dude has his hair style back to SW1 but i like his outfit in SW2 the best. Overall i like his SW2 design the most
Ishida Mitsunari
Ah! My favorite character, but what's with that fur hat. It looks bad Lol
I prefer his coat from SW2, but his pants looks better this time
Naoe Kanetsugu
I dont like his hat from SW2, but this one.... is too tall for him. The design looks good though. And i think his outfit looks better than before ^^
Akechi Mitsuhide
Dude, you are definetly looks uber cool! You have the best evolution among the returning male characters ^^
Cooler outfit and better hair style. His SW3 design is the best
Azai Nagamasa
Our blonde samurai. I dont like his gloves and too much Azai's clan in his outfit
His SW2 design looks better.
Chosokabe Motochika
I dun like topless character, I prefer his outfit from SW2. But this time he is definetly looked like a rocker Lol. And i think he has better hair style too
Date Masamune
Yay! Our "Dante" has more adult design. No more this little wing and he has a coat instead. This is definetly his best design
Hattori Hanzo
It's still the same, he's covering his face Lol
I dun like his mask and how he tied up his hair. His SW2 design is the best
Honda Tadakatsu
Hmph... still scary as ever XD
Oh, finally you have better outfit this time, Ina-chan. Your SW2 outfit is the worst Lol
But, i think your SW1 outfit is the best, and you have better hair style in SW3
So, after being cut in SW2 and now you have returned with smexy outfit eh
Kunoichi's outfit is rival too Rikku's outfit from FF X-2 puff
Her hair style is better than SW1
Maeda Keiji
 You looked like an Oni in here. I like your bald version in SW1 the best ^^
Woah, Nene-chan looks smexier too and more pretty. Better design than SW2

Oda Nobunaga
His face and hair style looks the same since SW1, but your outfit in SW3 is the best

Whoah, the best evolution for returning female characters. You are so pink, gal.
Longer hair, better outfit, and i like her hair hairpin
Your SW3 design is the best. So pretty ^^
Saika Magoichi
Looks bad. His SW2 design is the best
Shima Sakon
Same with Magoichi

Shimazu Yoshihiro
Same with Magoichi and Sakon, his SW2 design is better ^^

Takeda Shingen
Your tummy looks big. And your SW1 design is the best
Tachibana Ginchiyo
What's with her outfit. It looked like Claymore's outfit from the Claymore manga, little wing and waist armor. Nevertheless, his SW2 design is better
Tokugawa Ieyasu
SW2 design looks better but hey, i like your new headgear ^^

Toyotomi Hideyoshi
No comment

Uesugi Kenshin
Hmmm.... I think his SW2 design is the best

No Musou or Story Mode Characters
Fuma Kotaro
Outfit.... looks better and his tied up hair is better too
Imagawa Yoshimoto
Best design, better than SW1 and SW2
Maeda Toshiie
Ugh... you looked like a boxer to me. Your SW2 design is better
Mori Ranmaru
This one looked like a butcher Lol
His SW2 design is the best. Like his arm armor and leggings from SW2, but this time you have more manly face, Ranmaru ^^
Still purple as ever. What should i say? SW1 design is the best. She didnt tie up her hair like in SW2 and SW3. Her SW3 outfit is too smexy Lol
And you are still red as ever. Wow! beautiful outfit you've got there
But, his SW1 design is the best, because she looks more sweet ^^
Shibata Katsuie
Better design in SW3

Non-Playable Characters
Aya Gozen 
OMG! What a shiny outfit. Her white coat is totally badass and nice combination with the black high heels
She has this motherly-like face. I like her ^^
Fukushima Masanori
What's this? A punk? Yakuza? Definetly a no no no XD
*sighs* Okuni and Ranmaru are once again dont have a Story Mode
Plus the cut characters are Gracia, Musashi and Kojiro. Aww... man i think Gracia is a cute character eventhough her moveset is sucks me to death XD
And Kojiro has the best moveset among the new characters in SW2 XL, how can this be?????
I believe those 2 NPC's are ones of the new characters in SW3 XL. Let's just wait for it ^^