Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dark Aquamarine Blog Hiatus Until Next Year

This would be my last post in my blog *sads*
All of this time, my 24 hours internet connection was paid by my big brother. Since, there's a poblem with my BB's job, he planned to stop the internet. It's impossible to ask my parents to pay the bill because of my family economy crisis. I myself a jobless fresh graduate XD
Hope next year i got a job or my BB's problem resolved

See you again next year!
Early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Tales of Graces Official Wallpapers and Renders

I have checked TOG official website, and i think there are no wallpaper section back then. And what we've got here? Bunch of wallies eh? XD
1024 x 768
I have lurked to the Character Section too, unfortunately the renders arent that big. Since there are many images, i have uploaded it in ...

Mirror - Mediafire

There are 7 main characters' render + logo render + 1 image (top banner of the official website)

PS: If you downloaded the files from Sharecash, it was similar with giving me a donation :)
If there's any wrong or error links, please do tell me, okay. Thanks and enjoy! ^^

Persona 3 Portable Renders

I have tried to rip P3P official website and i got nothing u_u Only got male and female protagonist renders ..... plus it's not a full view Lol
I believe there should be Yukari cs' renders from the Character Section. I got the swf file, but there are no renders when i ripped it. Wierd -_-
PS: Click each images for larger view
I dont need to zip and upload it, because the sum size is smaller than 1 MB ^^

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Luminous Arc 3 New Official Wallpapers

New Luminous Arc 3 official wallpapers for you, guys
Source: Luminous Arc 3 Official Website
More Luminous Arc 3 Official Wallpaper in here and here

Famitsu 10 December 2009

Ar Tonelico III

Etrian Odyssey III

Final Fantasy XIII

No More Heroes

Queen's Blade

Tales of Graces

Yakuza 4
Release date: 18 March 2009 for 7980 yen

FF13 10/10/9/10
Wii NFS 7/6/7/7
So, FF XIII sccores lost to Baynoetta's scores (10/10/10/10) huh? But, dont stuck at Famitsu scores because ....
Final Fantasy X got 39 and Final Fantasy XII got 40. I think FF X are far 1000x better than FF XII he3. Believe me ^^
Source: Wii Everyday

EviLina's Gallery 07

Been awhile since am posting up my own signature tutorial ^^

Okay, open a canvas, 450 x 150 px --> Use black color as the BG
Put Lev Render --> smudge --> Opacity: 50%

Put Lev render again --> Duplicate 3 times --> Make the most upper layer unvisible --> Smudge the other 3 visible layers --> Blending (from the lowest layer): Lighten, Color Burn, then Color Dodge
I forgot the smudge setting, but you can learn it from Zangetsu tutorial in here
Make the unvisible layer become visible again --> Give blending effect to your render with feather
How to blend the render: pres ctrl+click on the layer box --> "Select" --> Feather --> 3px-5px
Then "Layer" --> Layer Mask --> Reveal Selection

New layer --> "Image" --> Apply image (for Clipping mask)
Give some Clippng Mask with Floral Brush around the render to give some blending

Put C4D1 then C4D2  at behind the render --> Both Blending: Lighten
I only need the line effect from C4D2, then smudged the unnecessary part

Here it's, time to play with C4D1
Rotate it, resize it, erase the bad part, Blending: Lighten. And i got this...

"Layer" --> New Adjustment Layer --> Photo Filter --> Filter: Orange//Density:25//Blending: Normal
Use 100px soft brush with orange color to give lighting in two spots --> Blending: Soft Light

Add a sparkling effect. This is bad, i forgot which C4D that i used Lol
Well, as i remembered .... use colorfull bubbles C4D, then resize it as small as the siggy size
Next, "Layer" --> New Adjustment Layer --> Curves (make it dark a litlle)

"Filter" --> Brush Strokes --> Accented Edges: 1-35-4 --> Blending: Vivid Light 20% --> Erase around the render
"Layer" --> New Adjustment Layer --> Gradient Map --> Black n White --> Blending: Multiply 10%
"Layer" --> New Adjustment Layer --> Gradient Map --> Violet Orange --> Blending: Soft Light 20%

"Filter" --> Artistic --> Cutout: 6-0-3 --> Blending: Lighten 50% --> Erase around the render
"Layer" --> New Adjustment Layer --> Gradient Map --> Black n White --> Blending: Luminousity 20%
Adjust the opacity of your floral clipping mask (render part) to your preferable setting, so that it didnt stand out much

New layer --> "Image" --> Apply image (for Clipping mask)

Add text (Font: Olivia01 and Borderheaven)
Add a light source at his left hair with 150 px Soft Round Brush (color: white)

New layer --> "Image" --> Apply image --> Topaz Clean
New layer --> "Image" --> Apply image --> Topaz Sharpen --> Erase the BG part

New layer --> "Image" --> Apply image --> "Filter" --> Blur --> Gaussian Blur 4.0 px --> Lighten 30% --> Erase the focal part (his face)

New layer --> "Image" --> Apply image --> "Filter" --> Render --> Lighting Effects
Add a border
Final Result

Other Results

Lev PSD Download Links: (7.35 MB)
Mirror - Mediafire

PS: Any questions can be posted in the chat box. You can post your result too in the chat box. Thanks for reading ^^
If there's any wrong or error links, please do tell me, okay. Thanks and enjoy! ^^

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII World Images and BGM Download

This time is .........
FF XIII World consists of: Mount Yaschas, Nautilus, Palumpolum, Pulse fal'Cie, and Sunleth Waterscape areas
FF XIII Music consists of 4 BGM's. Well, i like BGM 1 and BGM 2. Not with BGM3 and BGM4
I accidently deleted the BGM file and i havent uploaded it to Sharecash. Nooo!!!! But, i have uploaded it to Mediafire ^^

FF XIII World Images
Mirror - Mediafire

FF XIII Official Website BGM

PS: The links have been removed because no one downloaded it again. I can upload it again via request in my chat box

Monday, December 7, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Renders

Yup, this time is Final Fantasy XIII renders giveaway!
I have ripped it from the official website then divided it based on the characters
Each character files consist of Character render + screenshots and Summon render + screenshots

Next time i will upload the World and BGM files ^^
This time am not forgetting it, but i was too late Lol
After uploading the files, i lurked at Story section. There's 1 Lightning render in there. Sorry guys
You must click the image above to get it ^^



Oerba Dia Vanille



Oerba Yun Fang

Cid - Serah (no summon render)
Mirror - Mediafire

Nora - Sanctum (character screenshots only)

FF XIII Characters Render
Mirror - Mediafire

FF XIII Summons Render
Mirror - Mediafire

PS: If there's any wrong or error links, please do tell me, okay. Thanks and enjoy! ^^
Credits: Squirrel Emperor from for giving me a hint about how to rip the screenshots image

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ar Tonelico 3 Renders (Update)

Finally i can rip images from flash website. So, for the beginning, am uploading Ar Tonelico 3 high resolution renders ripped from the official website
There are Saki, Finnel, Hikari Gojyou, Tatsumi, Gengai, Akane, Raffaele, Rikka Ryosya, Salapator, Sakia Rumei, Filament, Yurishica, Soma, ???, and Tepo render

The render dimension is around 750-1000 x 1500 pixels. Pretty big huh? So enjoy ^^

Download links: Mediafire
File Size: 22 MB

PS: If there's any wrong or error link, please do tell me, okay. Thanks and enjoy! ^^

UPDATE (April 22th 2010) I have added all the new renders and some artworks

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Characters of the Week #14

Characters of the Week
  • It consist of Male of the Week and Female of the Week
  • It could be from game, anime, or manga
  • It isnt a poll based. It's only based on my favorite characters
  • I choose characters as characters of the week based on their design or their personality or their position/role
Whoah, i guess this would be the last Characters of the Week article in my blog
And, i've just remembered my two most favorite anime. So, am choosing the characters from there
Male of the Week#14
Alex Row from Last Exile

If you realized, my favorite characters are often a silent type. Yup, Alex is a silent and cool type too
He's pretty handsy and wearing all black outfit, his hair is black too Lol
Alex Row, captain of Sylvana, his revenge and his love-to-death are must be honored. He only live to take revenge on Maestro Delphine because she laughed when Alex and his lover, Yuris who died, are in verge of death.
At the end, his reason to live has been acomplished and he went to the sky. I like his scene in the last episode, it's very touching u_u

Female of the Week#14
Kino from Kino no Tabi

Kino is a girl and at first i thought she is a boy Lol, short hair, boy outfit and guns?
But, nevertheless she is a cool girl when she is fighting. Her move that i remember is... she's dodging bullets by spinning around like ballerina Lol
In one of the episode, it reveals her past memories. She has longer hair and wearing a skirt. It's rather a tragic episode too. A man, named Kino, was killed to help her escape from her crazy town
Ah! Am feeling like i want to watch the anime gain ^^