Thursday, November 12, 2009

Valkyria Chronicles 2 -Alicia, Welkin, Lamar, Mintz, and Julius-

Whoah! Another guest characters except Selvaria. It's Alicia and Welkin! The main male and female potagonists in the previous Valkyria Chronicles 2

They look like a new married couple Lol. And Alicia Bakery?
Valkyria anime info. Six volumes DVD of the anime series will be released at 13 January 2010

Both Alicia and Lamar in VC2, but using the anime illustration
Valkyria manga, Wish your Smile (a yaoi one ugh!) characters in VC2. Mintz and the sniper Julius


Wow! There are surely bunch of PC's in VC2 Lol
Source: 4Gamer