Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Suikoden Tierkreis Synopsis #3

Recruiting time... *sighs* am not liking it

Darrow Recruitment
H = Hero
D = Darrow
S = Savina

H: Hey!
D: Huh?! *runs away*
S: Wait! Darrow!
It's me, Savina!
D: Savina...? Is that really you...?
S: It's me... I came to get you, Darrow!
D: Savina... Savina! *sads face*
D: Savina! I never stopped believing! I knew we'd see each other again!
S: I did too! I knew it too! Oh, Darrow!
(typical eh?!)
H: Whew! Finally wrapped that one up!
So, you were bein' held in Cynas, eh?
D: That's right. After i helped Savina get away, they caught me n brought me back to Cynas right away.
S: Oh, Darrow...! I'm so sorry....
D: Dont be! I didnt mind getting caught, as long as I knew you got away
Besides, the Order was in such an uproar over the battle against X Company
They barely paid any attention to me. They didnt even interrogate me or give me any re-education.
And the surveillance was so sloppy, it gave me a chance to get away like this.
S: I'm so glad
H: But, what were you doing hidin' here? You could've come straight to us.
D: Well, i didnt know what to do...
I didnt know Savina was with X Company...
And i was an Order soldier, so i wasnt sure if you's see me as a friend or a foe...
H: So, that's why ya ran away every time you saw me, eh?
D: I apologize. After all you were doing to reunite me n Savina!
If X Company hadnt kept  the Order busy, i never could've gotten away from Cynas.
And if you hadnt found Savina ...

It's getting on my nerve... Well, the main point is.... Darrow didnt like Order's ideology then join me, okay he3

Based on this info (Suiko Source)
Darrow's stat isnt that great.... his luck, magic, and resistance arent 100+
Low magic stat doesnt matter because he is a fighter not a magician
But, later on he has this Two-Way Thrust which uses HP (10%) to cause 300% Physical Damage. His other mraks arent that great XD

Next is....

Yomi and Chihaya Recruitment
H = Hero
C = Chihaya
T = Tsaubern
Y = Yomi

C: A good day to you, fair patrons. Have you come to request a dance?
Y: I must apologize, but our performance here concludes today.
T: Well, that is unfortunate.
And i was very much hoping to see the dance that had so enthralled the Auster Folk
Y: Please, do forgive us
T: No matter. It's just a shame to miss a chance to see a dance in the style of the Empire of the North Star
(it's getting interesting Lol)
C: ....
T: I hear that the dances of the North Star have characteristically balanced movements.
It's as if the dancers move at will, in an instant, regardless of their stance or momentum.
If such movements were applied in the martial arts, they would liekly be quite powerful, no?
H: Wow! You dont say!
T: Actually, i have heard that the very best dancers are all formidable warriors.
Y: You are quite knowledgeable
But i believe you speak of those few who have mastered the hidden mysteries of the art.
We are but budding dancers and are hardly of such grandiose skill.
T: Is that so?
You 2 are quite the pair - just the 2 of you making your tour here in such difficult time.
C: I believe you are making sport of us.
T: And, where is it you intend to travel to next?

Okay, they want to go to Cynas?! o.O
It's ashame for them who are "the dance travellers" to missed a big city like Cynas to perform their dance.Hero n Tsaubern have warned them, but they are still going there....
Am meeting them again in Grayridge. It seems that in Cynas, their performance isnt a success one. People of Cynas didnt fond of their dance as much as people of Lugenik
So, am forgetting their reasons joining my group Sorry. I asked them to join my group, then they joined. Maybe because they didnt fond of Order's ideology XD

Based on their stat, their Skill is pretty good but their Luck isnt a good one. Pretty fast, but wait...
Their marks are very2 not usefull to me puff
And the fan weapon, i've been wondering who use it? And it was Yomi Lol

Oh yeah, if i bring Yula instead of Tsaubern, i got a fishy scene XD
Both Yula and Yomi are surprised.
Yomi: Oh, are you from the North Star?
Yula: Yes, it is. I'm here to learn sword technique
Yomi: I'm here to learn dance art
Well, sort of it. Am making it short he3. Sounds fishy eh?

There are still more SOD to be recruited, but i wanna sleep .... *yawns*