Saturday, November 7, 2009

Steins Gate

This game has been very popular in many japanese gaming websites. But am a little bit lazy posting this game article in my blog because it's a simulation game. Am not that fond with those kind of games XD
But, i've just found this article in 4Gamer, and i think the characters design is really cool
This game has been released at 15 October 2009 for Xbox360 and developed by 5pb and Nitroplus. I've heard this Nitroplus, but never heard about this 5pb XD

What i like from the design is the hair part. If you click the characters' name, you will see the larger view in 4Gamer. There is this grungy and shiny effect at their hair. Am really liking it. I think the overall design is rather unique. I like Kurisu and Feris design the most ^^
Btw, the main protagonist is Rintaro and the main female heroine is Kurisu. Plus beware with the miko girl Ruka because she is actually a MALE! o.O
I cant believe it Lol
Steins Gate Boxart and Screenshots


PS: Click the pictures for larger view
There are more bunch of good screenshots with larger size in here You should click it one by one because the size is too big for me to upload it in here. The last screenshot pix that i gave you is a wallpaper size image Lol
And i think the graphic design is very detail and sharp. Good sources to make a siggy XD