Friday, November 27, 2009

SOTW Round Up 03

Very late with this one. Wednesday was busy with taking screenshots of FF XIII new trailer, and yesterday was busy with my nephew's birthday party. Sorry 
Koei Warriors
Winner- Cao Pi
Few entries for this week in KW. But, this one is definetly my favorite
It showing how fresh is the Sprite drink, it made me thirsty XD
Nice splash effect with smudging and the wavy lines effect are good additional. The effect has good flow too, a diagonal flow.
Nice depth, he sharpened the can well
Text is perfect, simple but elegant with diferrent colors and squares 
Simple Grafix

SOTW#128: Freestyle

Winner - Hoof
To be honest, this forum SOTW a little bit dying, not many contestants every week
Btw, felt this siggy has unique outlook? I'm beting he's using Topaz effect for the final touch
Lacks depth, he could blur the surrounding BG
   No flow, it's okay sometimes i ignored this flow thingy too XD
Text a little bit hard too read, white color is better
What i like from this siggy is the chaotic white lines
Naruto Boards
SOTW#124: The Positive Side of the World

Winner - Jeuel
This guy won again Lol. A very unique theme, the positive side of the world. Never heard an SOTW theme like that before
Anw, contrast style, a colorfull and bright siggy
The colorfull line has depth but the BG (trees) needs more blur
The left part is creative, yeah the squares, text, and texture combination are great
Nice text placement
Cool border, just like his previous winning siggy
Planet Renders
Planet Renders winning siggies didnt satisfy my taste recently XD
No flow, no depth, no text
People vote for it because of the skull? Maybe because it's unique and fits the theme
Sometimes i couldnt understand experts' taste at all Lol