Thursday, November 19, 2009

SOTW Round Up 02

Koei Warriors
Winner- xDaQiaox
Yup, this girl won again Lol. Well, am really fond of this siggy. The girl stock itself is really good. What i like the most are the texture-brush placement and combination. It really has nice blending
Am jealous with any GFX who is good at using brush-texture combination XD
The coloration is good too, a combination of red-yellow-orange
I think the text is too small, a little bit larger would be great ^^
Lucid Art
Winner - Estelle
Heee... I never thought that this sig would win. Actually there are some part that i like and dont like. The good part is this circling C4D around the render to give a nice flow. I think i have the C4Ds that she used, but am not fond of it and never used it. She add this color brush lighting to add some color
Depth is okay
The bad part is.... am not fond with the BG quality. The moon and trees are okay, but i think there are much better stocks than that   

Naruto Boards
SOTW#123: Freestyle

Winner - Jeuel
I like this sig. Good depth
Jeuel add this white and purple light brush to give some focus
The are this glow light and sparkling texture at the left part, really nice
The idea of dark at right side and light at left side is creative
Text is nice, but the size should be larger for the right side text
Cool border
Planet Renders
Winner - Sorr0w
I cant believe that this sig win! o.O
It looks like Sorrow didnt use C4D, texture or brush to my eyes
Is it because of the duck hat?
Well, whatever. No depth, focus, flow, text -I dun like it- XD