Saturday, November 21, 2009

SOTW Round Up 01

EDIT: He3 I forgot to publish this one Lol. My bad, sorry
I've been planned to post this up a long time ago, but too much playing around duh XD
In this article am going to post up every SOTW contests' winners in many forums that i know then giving comments for each of them. Even though i know that my skills arent that great ^^
Koei Warriors

Winner- xDaQiaox
 I think this DaQiao member is rarely join the contests. But once she entered, she will got the 1st place XD
When i saw all of the entries, my feeling says "This one will win" And yup, she wins Lol
The tiny sparkles around the render and the hearts give nice flow in this sig.
The render blends well.
Good text placement and depth.
What i like from this signature is the color, good gradient cmbination, dark purple and orange
But, i still dont get it which sins this signature present
Lucid Art

Winner - geepee
It's a chaotic siggy but still has an artistic style.
Depth is good.
The blue orange C4D gives nice flow.
 Hmmm... he gives this orange gradient border, really creative. Hey, where is the text, dude?
Plus lack focus, he can add a lighting effect for it
Lack render blends too 
Naruto Boards
SOTW#122: Sprites

Winner - Fallen Moon
This sig win NSOTW in Planetrenders amd SOTW in naruto boards Lol. Yeah,the theme is Sprites too. Without the animation, the sig itself looks pretty good.
The japanese text is in a nice placement. But i think the 8 ball number is too big, it distract me from the sprite.
The circles combination effect around the render is prefect plus with this little C4D adding.
Nice focus with the dark area around the edges.
Planet Renders

Winner - 3abden
This siggy has a really nice blends because it has good color paint effect
Focus and lighting is pretty well with this yellow light around the render
No text? But, still looks nice ^^