Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 1 Synopsis

Actually the latest chp of this manga is 18. But since it's my favorite manga, am going to make the synopsis from the very first chp.
This manga takes place 3 days after National Championship ended. It won by Seigaku
The Prince Returns Home

The early pix showing us Echizen Ryoma, our main protagonist, being late for his train schedule in America. He is chasing it with using tennis (of course). First, he's using his Twist Serve to drop the police station's whistle then throwing his racquet to stop the train's door from closing (huh? Very unlogical XD)
But, horay he managed to get in the train with doing a sliding! Of course, the passengers amazed with what he done.

The pix changed to Seigaku's team in Japan. Here it's, national team selection. I think in every sports manga, there would be this kind of story, wouldnt it? But,i like this part, because it's the gathering of all strong players ^^
The U-17 Candidate Selection Camp consists of 250 High Schoolers plus 50 Middle Shoolers. Last year, there are even no Middle Shoolers for the selection.
Seigaku comes first with its 8 regular members, then continue with Shitenhouji arrival (6 members), and Atobe pops out with his bus (both Shiten and Seigaku are walking Lol).

There are 2 high schoolers who tried toying with Seigaku.They said that if Seigaku want to pass through, each of them have to hit a can in 10 tries.
Momoshiro and Kawamura pass.
Inui pass with using his Waterfall Serve.
Kaidoh pass with using Boomerang Snake.
Oichi pass with using his only move, Moon Volley XD
Kikumaru pass with using his Acrobatic Play.
Fuji pass with using one of his 6 or errr... 9 counters, Hakugei
The Captain Tezuka didnt use any special moves, only a normal serve and he hit 3 cans puff.

There is this new coach character, Kurobe Yukio. He gives some speech then says that 300 candidates are too much *A plane drops 250 tennis balls*
Anyone who didnt get a single ball must go home ....... to your mama XD
Not too long, all of the balls picked up by the candidates. And there's 1 ball left in a court......
Guess who picks it? IT'S ECHIZEN!!! ^^
Whoa! He flies fast from america, eh?

Revealed 50 middle schoolers candidates so far:
1. Tezuka
2. Fuji
3. Oishi
4. Kikumaru
5. Kawamura
6. Inui
7. Kaidoh
8. Momoshiro
9. Echizen

1. Shiraishi
2. Kenya
3. Gin
4. Konjiki
5. Chitose
6. Kintaro

1. Atobe
2. Oshitari
3. Mukahi
4. Hiyoshi
5. Kabaji

1. Yukimura
2. Sanada
3. Renji
4. Kirihara
5. Niou
6. Marui

1. Kite
2. Tanishi

1. Tachibana
2. Kamio

1. Sengoku

Total: 31 persons