Monday, November 23, 2009

Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 3 Synopsis

The True Strength of the High Schoolers

One by one, the middle schoolers showing their specail skill to the high schoolers.

Gin from Shitenhoji showing his one of 108 Hadoukyuu

Marui from Rikkai: Tight Rope Walking

Chitose from Shitenhoji: Kami Kakushi

Rin from Higa: Habu Shot

Liliaden from Nagoya Seitoku: I dont know what his special skills' name but it will make the opponent hit far to the court fench

Sanada from Rikkai: Lightning Shot

More 3 new high schoolers appear, Oni, Irie, and Tokugawa stopped the middle vs high schoolers duels. Having personal matches are prohibited and there is this rangking rule system lol.

Every candidates divided based on their strength from Court no.1 - 16. The lower the number the stronger the player (Click the image for each courts' total candidates)

Everyday, there's this Shuffle Match (SM) arranged by the coach before practice. You must win in that match if you want to proceed (So, our middle schoolers must win in this SM if they want to get in one of the court, no?)

That's the end of Irie's explanation. Then Kirihara challanged this Tokugawa Court no.1. *glares* Kirihara cant move (typical eh?!). It's the same eyes with Yukimura-buchou, Kirihara says (Which means... All of Court no.1 members is the same class with Yukimura the Child of God? o.O Woo... Scary)

The next morning day is .... time for SM!
Momoshiro's name is in the list?! And it wouldnt be an easy match! Because the opponent is Oni Juujirou from Court no.5!!!!
So, will Momoshiro beat a rank 5 candidate? Just wait for the next synopsis from me ^^

Revealed 50 middle schoolers candidates so far:
1. Tezuka
2. Fuji
3. Oishi
4. Kikumaru
5. Kawamura
6. Inui
7. Kaidoh
8. Momoshiro
9. Echizen

1. Tachibana
2. Kamio

1. Kite
2. Tanishi
3. Kai*

1. Atobe
2. Oshitari
3. Mukahi
4. Hiyoshi
5. Kabaji
6. Jirou*

1. Yukimura
2. Sanada
3. Renji
4. Kirihara
5. Niou
6. Marui
7. Jackal

1. Kurobane "Bane"

1. Shiraishi
2. Kenya
3. Gin
4. Konjiki
5. Chitose
6. Kintaro

1. Sengoku
2. Akutsu

(*) The new ones in chp.3
Total: 36 persons