Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 2 Synopsis

The True Strength of the Middle Schoolers

In the last SPOT chp. 1, Rymoa showed up in the national camp and picked up the last tennis ball. Then he greet his senpais withsaying  ....... "Cheers!" (What a kid -_-)
Out of the 300 candidates, all of the 50 middle scholers passed. But, half of the high schoolers candidates dont have a ball. Well, yeah because there are some middles schoolers, ie Sanada, Atobe, Tanishi, and Kintaro got more than 1 balls

One of the high schooler, Sasabe Junichi, didnt like it and want to settle it with tennis (well, some sort a challange i think)
Sasabe: What about that 4 eyes over there?
Tezuka: Hnn? (very simple eh)
Kite: Wait, Tezuka. He was just addressing me (are you sure?)
Yagyu: No, Kite. I'm sure it was me (very confidence eh)
Yushi: Talking about glasses. It has to be me, right? (for seriously?)
Konjiki: Or even me (you are out of the league, dude)
That's pretty funny. But, at the end, Echizen with glasses (XD) has already in the court and says "You quite done yet?"

Then other high schooler appeared, Matsudaira Chikao, and challanged Echizen (A bald man with golf cap puff i dun like it). This baldy dude has a special skill called "Magnum Serve" (some sort of a fast speed serve, i think). Echizen couldnt return it at first, but he returned it at the second serve. Plus, Echizen can do the "Magnum Serve" Lol then hit the baldy's face (mada mada dane).

Revealed 50 middle schoolers candidates so far:
1. Tezuka
2. Fuji
3. Oishi
4. Kikumaru
5. Kawamura
6. Inui
7. Kaidoh
8. Momoshiro
9. Echizen

1. Tachibana
2. Kamio

1. Kite
2. Tanishi

1. Atobe
2. Oshitari
3. Mukahi
4. Hiyoshi
5. Kabaji

1. Yukimura
2. Sanada
3. Renji
4. Kirihara
5. Niou
6. Marui
7. Jackal*

1. Kurobane "Bane"*

1. Shiraishi
2. Kenya
3. Gin
4. Konjiki
5. Chitose
6. Kintaro

Yamabuki1. Sengoku
2. Akutsu*

(*) The new ones in Chp.2
Total: 34 persons