Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII New and Final Trailer (Update)

The new and final trailer for Final Fantasy XIII. Enjoy!

Am trying to take a shot from the trailer, manually...... with print screen. It isnt a big one, only 630 x 350 px and blurry. Sorry, am not good with this kind of thing XD



Oh gosh! That's 36 screenshots of the trailer for you
There are 4 characters that havent been revealed, Hope's father, the black haired guy (he looks handsy), the curly haired guy, and this old pope
Bahamuth is looked like...... Transformers Lol. But, uber cool ^^
They revealed Vanille's summon too. But, wth is that? Looks scary with lot of hands XD
I couldnt get the last 30 seconds scenes because it's a high speed motion so the result is blurry. And that last 30 is very cool! All of the members are sumooning their eidolons! You should watch it ^^
Direct link to download  The file size is 120 MB
FF XIII Official Website
Source: Siliconera

UPDATE: Adding the english subtitled trailer

As you all know, the new black haired guy's name is Cid. Many people says he is cool. Well, guess am not the only one who says that Lol