Friday, November 13, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII: Crystalium System and Lightning's New Weapon Model

FF XIII Crystalium System introduced
"Because of the tree-like structure that emerges, as a character's skillset grows, the developers have referred to the system as "crystal bonsai". The branches of that tree won't be one-way streets, though, as the system will allow for back-tracking. Unlike traditional RPGs, Final Fantasy XIII does not tie level-ups to experience points; instead level-ups occur as the player moves the story forward. The Crystalium level determines how many crystals a character can acquire, and imposes limits on the number of ability and status-ups which can be obtained."
You can read the full article in here
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Based on the scan that i've got from True Gaming, It is showing the new model of Lightning's weapon. Well, i think it's the another form of her gunblade but it still looks like a blade, no?